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No entry required, 3-second login. Buddycom, an immediate benefit for deskless workers in the railroad and construction industries. Get started in 3 seconds, even for those who work in different locations every day, with an intuitive user interface for remote communication

Buddycom's ‘Easy Login’ feature has been greatly improved for deskless workers, making it easier and more intuitive to log in in three seconds. This removes the hassle and error of login/logout and makes Buddycom even easier to use.

In response to requests from deskless field workers, Buddycom began offering ‘Easy Login’ in December 2020, allowing anyone to easily log in and start using Buddycom without entering complicated IDs and passwords.

In the past, when you tapped a login URL or scanned a QR code, you were randomly logged into an available account.
But some people pointed out that they could not tell who was logged into which account, and that they could not log into an account that was later disconnected.
For this reason, our programmers went to the sites where users actually use the software and have had discussions about what the ideal user interface would be.
Based on user feedback, the new account selection screen now displays a list of who is logged into which account, and users can select the account they want to log into by simply tapping the desired account.
In addition, the Account Selection screen displays the last time each user logged in. This enables you to see the Buddycom accounts you are using.
Image Movie of Easy Login: https://youtu.be/wVyaFY4aT6Y

In addition, even if users are already logged into an account, you can override the account and log in, so you can start even if someone forgets to log out. Easy Login is available as a standard feature on all four Buddycom plans. You will have access to your Buddycom account with your existing user ID and password.
※Please be aware of the security issues when using the ‘Kan-Tan login’. Please log in using the traditional ID and password if you are concerned about security.

Usage Scenario
For example, at a train station, employees arriving to help in an emergency can instantly log into Buddycom from their own smartphones if the QR code or URL for the Buddycom group set up at each station is announced in advance or printed and posted in the office. No more typing errors when entering IDs and passwords, and you can participate in communications more quickly.
This eliminates the need to ask, which ID should be use to log in, because when you arrive at a construction site, you can join Buddycom by simply scanning the QR code and seeing which ID is available. License administration, management and training costs are also minimized with the intuitive user interface. Login URLs and QR codes can be issued on the administration screen.

To make Buddycom more convenient for deskless workers who work in the field and whose work location changes on a daily basis, an improved Easy Login feature has been developed.
The Easy Login itself is also a feature that was requested by the customer in the scenario video that follows. In the future, our focus will be on listening to our customers and delivering innovation across all industries and sectors.

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