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Buddycom provides beneficial and reliable featers.
Based on customer's voice, we are improving the function everyday.


feature Info Android iOS Windows
Group talk You can broadcast all the users in the group by pressing the call button.
Individual talk You can talk only to the specified user.
Overlapping Talk People can talk at the same time by pressing the call button. (Sound overlapping like a phone) ASK
Multiple Group Receive You can hear conversations of other groups simultaneously.
Phone call When user's phone number is registered, start the phone app from the Buddycom app.
Playback of Talk Talk data saved on the server can be played back later.
24 hours data storage Voice, text, image and video data can be saved for 24 hours.
Chat You can send and receive text.
Templates You can easily send templates of text, sounds, etc. that you have pre-set as canned messages.
Location Share You can check the location of the user. ASK
Map talk Make group calls or individual calls with online users in the map range. ASK
Inter company communication By linking, you can talk with tenant users of other companies.
Forced activation Forces the user belonging to the target group to start the Buddycom app.
Two-Factor Authentication Provided 6 digit password other than ID/PW. ASK
Easy login You can login only URL. No need ID/PW. ASK

Live video with Push-to-Talk

Feature Info Android iOS Windows
Livecast You can make a group call while sharing the situation on the live video.

Enterprise Features

Feature Info Android iOS Windows
Speech-to-text Conversation voice is converted to text. ASK
Transceiver translation Conversation voice is translated into the language set. (Each group member can set their language.) (Languages? Ask here)
Location tracking Comfirm user's location and You can also manage trackings. Console Console Console
Global App Settings Admins can manage app settings in a batch on the admin console. Console Console Console
End-to-end Encryption For preventing third-parties from accessing data, the data is encrypted. ASK
IP Address Restrictions Restrict access using source IP addresses for management console. Console Console Console
Audit Trail You can get the access record on management console. Console Console Console
SAML Connect Buddycom ID and your internal ID. ASK
1 month data storage Your selected plan’s data can be saved for 1 month.
External Storage You can select data storage server.
App collaboration Buddycom collaborates other App services. ASK
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