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Buddycom Releases the "Easy Login" Feature; Eliminates ID & password Entries.

ScienceArts, Inc. announces the release of its "Easy Login" feature that lets users log in to designated Buddycom groups.

Buddycom has newly-released an ‘Easy Login’ feature. This feature allows users to easily log into a specified group by simply clicking on a URL provided by the administrator. In the past, users had to enter their own IDs and passwords, but with Easy Login, the administrator shares a URL link issued on the administration screen with the users via e-mail or other means, allowing them to log in to the Buddycom application by simply tapping on the URL link. This allows team members to immediately log in to the same group without having to know each other’s ID and password. As requested by customers, we will soon release a simple way to log in by scanning QR codes. (You can, of course, continue to login using your existing ID and password.)

Buddycom will continue to listen to its customers and provide innovative solutions in all industries.

Watch the Easy Login and Normal Login videos ↓

■What you Can Do with Easy Login
・Just tap the URL link to log in
・Log in by simply scanning a QR code (to be released soon)
・Enter the designated group at the same time as logging in.

■Examples of Possible Scenarios
[At a construction site]
・ Group members may include not only construction company employees, but also subcontractors, vehicle drivers, etc. The members of the group change from day to day and are part of different organizations. Communication is made possible by simply clicking on the URL.

[Staff Running Events or Seminars]
・ For event planners, corporate PR agencies, and other organizations with frequent short-term events or training sessions, the ability to create groups at the click of a URL is an easy way to keep track of who is attending or not. It is also easy to create groups of people for different roles in the same event as well.

[For guests participating in sightseeing tours]
・ For example, you can facilitate communication with customers, such as simultaneous converstations with customers during their free time, or guides with translation functions for foreign tourists, by providing the URL for easy login for customers participating in one-day tours. Eliminate complex IDs and passwords. By issuing different URLs for tour participants on different days, you can easily create groups for each tour.

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