Restaurant (Pub) One smartphone to make store management more efficient and to communicate with foreign staff.

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Buddycom is able to make group calls in buildings and in the basement, as long as it is an area connected to Internet communication such as 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi.
Therefore, it can be used with smartphone together with order app or POS app, which will reduce running cost.

Buddycom solves the problem of store management, the way of communication between the waiter and the kitchen, such as the timing of dish provisioning, and by using transceiver translation, it becomes a communication tool with foreign staff.

Any problems working in the Restaurant?

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  • Depending on the location the transceiver does't connect
  • Cannot give instructions to foreign staff in real time
  • Cooperation between floor and kitchen is not working
  • Sometimes cannot hear instructions while in customer service
  • I want to reduce the running cost
If you have a smart IP walkie talkie Buddycom,
You can solve all the problems in Restaurant.


Resilience of restaurant

Issues so far

Contact way is not unified
Cannot connect when I am on a higher floor of building
Cannot give an accurate instruction and the customer will panic
Telephone line is crowded and cannot used

Improve with Buddycom

You can group talk from the smartphone
Can use all over the world under the Internet environment
Since you can set multiple groups, you can call to a specific group
Communication way between headquarters and restaurant is unified and information sharing smoothly even in case of emergency

Resilience that can be done in future with Buddycom

Resilience that can be done in future with Buddycom
  • Voice can be converted to text and checked later
  • You can check location information as to who is where
  • Can give accurate instructions to foreign workers by Buddycom's transceiver translation
  • Staff can hear multiple group calls simultaneously

ontrol of contact way by emergency group call
in restaurant industry

Buddycom's intercompany communication can be used not only in companies but also in supply chain resilience in the restaurant industry.
Corporate merit will be increased by using Buddycom in communication among group companies.

Supply chain diagram in restaurant industry
If you have a smart IP walkie talkie Buddycom,
You can solve all the problems in restaurant resilience scenes.


Benefits of using Buddycom

Buddycom can share information smoothly
in Restaurant (Pub)

Share information with group talk

Share information with group talk

Information sharing between the field staff and the managing side can be done smoothly.

Used in combination with accessories

Used in combination with accessories

Using the speaker microphone and earphone microphone, you can talk without touching the smartphone.

Low cost & light weight

Low cost & light weight

Buddycom users can talk on a fixed price with one smartphone. Purchasing of special equipment is unnecessary.

Conversation save automatically & speech-to-text

Conversation save automatically & speech-to-text

Since the conversations are converted to text, you can play the sound at any time and check the text.

Communication possible in a disaster

Communication possible in a disaster

Unlikely that call restriction will be applied like a phone, and stable communication can be done even in a disaster.

Communicate with foreign workers

Communicate with foreign workers

The conversation is automatically translated into the language set for each device. You can speak to all employees all at once.

Buddycom Features

Main features of Buddycom for
restaurant scene

Group talk
Make one-to-many calls without the limit on the number of users and groups. We have verified 2000 simultaneous calls per group.
Individual talk
You can make a separate call with the specified user. Content talked individually is not transmitted to the group at all.
Handsfree talk
You can make a hands-free call using Bluetooth earphone microphone and headset.
Play call history
Talk data saved on the server can be played back later.
Simultaneous use of various business apps
Simultaneous use of various business applications installed on smartphone is possible.
* In the case of an app that uses sound, please verify in advance.
Conversation voice is converted to text.
Transceiver translation
Voice of conversation will be translated into the language you set. (Each group member can set language)


What you need

Main features of Buddycom for restaurant scene

What you need is app + smart device + network + accessory (optional)


Buddycom app

Install Buddycom's app on the App Store or Google Play.

Smartphone Tablet Web

Smartphone/ Tablet / Web

Available for Web, iOS and Android.

Wi-Fi 3G 4G Lte

Wi-Fi / Mobile network

You can use on Wi-Fi and mobile networks such as 3G, 4G, LTE.

For restaurant scene related accessories,
Bluetooth microphone recommended!


AINA PTT Voice Responder - Bluetooth speaker microphone

Available for iOS and Android, you can talk without touching the terminal (PTT).
Also provides superior functionality, rugged design, flexible compatibility, and realizes secure communication even under noise in the field of maintenance and ground handling inside and outside the airport.

Music earphones

Music earphones

If you want to use earphone microphone to not listen to conversation content to the customer, you also need to check whether the earphone microphone itself is compatible with the terminal, so please contact the manufacturer.

In that case, it will be in coordination with Buddycom in "toggle" instead of "press and hold" mode.



Frequently asked questions in
restaurant scene solutions

  • QWhat is the difference between similar apps?
    ABuddycom is the only Japanese made, 100% own developed application.
    We can respond promptly such as inquiries in case of emergency.
  • QI want to know some customer stories
    AMany industries such as airlines, railroads, public buses, construction sites, etc. are replacing to Buddycom as IP radio.
    In addition, as a means of resilience and disaster relief, we operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at financial institutions, public institutions, distribution companies, etc.

    Customer stories here ▶︎
  • QWhat happens when I receive a conversation from Buddycom while on the phone?
    ATelephone takes precedence. If notification is turned, it will be notified on the screen.
  • QDo you a limit to the number of groups and the number of users that I can set?
    AThere is no upper limit.


If you have a smart IP walkie talkie Buddycom,
You can solve all the problems in restaurant usage scenes

Picture of Buddycom app


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