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  • QWhat are the benefits of using Accessories provided by Science-arts?
    Afollowing advantages.
    (1)In the same way, you can talk with "Press while pressing" (PTT) like a radio or a transceiver.
    (2)Since you don't need to turn on the smartphone screen during talk, you can reduce the battery consumption of the smartphone.
    (3)Because it is high quality and loud volume (100 dB), it can be heard even in places where the noise is intense, such as on site or while driving.
    (4)Because it is waterproof and dustproof, you can talk safely even in places with dust and wind and rain without holding a smartphone.
    (5)Since smartphone operation is unnecessary, it can be used without training.
  • QCan I use any smartphone?
    ASupported OS depends on accessory. Learn more ▶︎

    <Points to remember about wired type>
    ・Please confirm that earphone jack meets CTIA standard.

    <Points to remember about bluetooth type>
    ・Please confirm whether each accessory corresponds to the connection profile used.
  • QCan I talk using the button of a general-purpose wired earphone microphone?
    AWhen the earphone / microphone is equipped with a music playback stop button and an incoming phone answer button, you can link with Buddycom in "Toggle" mode. ※You cannot do "talk while pressing a button" which is the standard of radio equipment and transceiver.

    Since the wired earphone microphone itself needs to be compatible with smartphones and tablets, please contact the manufacturer for each compatible model.
  • QHow long is the warranty period?
    AIt depends on the accessory. Learn more ▶︎
  • QCan I use it other than Buddycom?
    AYes, you can use it by phone or FaceTime.


  • QAudio can not be heard from the wired speaker microphone RSM-30.
    ARSM-30 cuts sound when the input voice is very small. Please try one of the following.
    (1)Receiver side: After connecting the RSM-30, raise the volume of the smart device
    (2)Calling side: In the setting menu of Buddycom, set "Input volume boost" to "medium" or "large" (Boosting the input volume makes it easier to pick up surrounding noise)
  • QI can not hear a beep sound from the wired speaker microphone RSM-30.
    APlease increase the beep sound volum on the setting menu of Buddycom.
  • QIf you hold down the button of a general-purpose earphone / microphone, Google voice search and Siri will start up.
    A The button of the general-purpose earphone / microphone can not perform "Press and talk" which is the standard of the radio and the transceiver.
    When you press and hold the button for a general-purpose earphone microphone, Google voice search of the smart device and Siri start up.
    Some products, such as Apple's original wired earphone microphone, can be linked with Buddycom in "Toggle" mode.
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