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About Buddycom

  • QWhat is Buddycom?
    AIt is an IP wireless service that realized conventional dedicated machines such as radio equipment and transceiver by smartphone and Internet communication.
  • QWhat kind of industry is using Buddycom?
    AMany industries, including airlines, railroads, public buses, construction sites, etc., are promoting wireless replacement.
    In addition, it is open 24 hours a day for disaster prevention, 365 days in financial institutions, public institutions, distribution industry etc.
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  • QCan I use it under Wi-Fi environment?
    AYes, you can use it.
  • QWhat is the range of the call?
    AYou don't need to think about the call range, If you have an internet environment you can talk anywhere in the world.
  • QWhat kind of device can be used?
    AAvailable on Android, iPhone, iPad and WindowsPC. Operating environment ▶︎
  • QHow long is the battery of continuous talk?
    AIt depends on the smart device battery.
    Reference information: iPhone 6S standard, about 8 hours continuous talk.
  • QIs it necessary to always launch Buddycom app?
    AYes, please launch. Once it is activated it will work in both the background and the lock screen.
    Unlike Skype, Buddycom has little impact on battery consumption in the standby state. Please confirm that battery consumption varies depending on your device.

    ※ When you turn on the location map setting, we will periodically send the location information to the server, so battery consumption will increase like GoogleMap usage.
  • QHow much packet communication charges do you consume?
    AIt is 500 KB with 1 minute continuous call.
    Reference information: If you make a one-hour call for one month, it will be approximately 1 GB.
  • QCan I use data SIM instead of voice SIM?
    AYes, you can use it.
  • QWhat is the difference between phone and Buddycom?
    AUnlike the telephone, you can communicate all at once with one touch, so you can communicate in real time.
  • QWhat is the difference between Commercial Radio and Buddycom?
    ATalk area, cost of installation and operation will differ.
  • QWhat about sound quality and delay?
    AVery clear, low delay call can be offered. Free trial here ▶︎
  • QDoes it interfere?
    ABecause it uses Internet communication, it does not interfere like analog radio.
  • QWhat happens if I get a call while talking with Buddycom?
    ATelephone takes precedence.
  • QCan I hear the missed conversation later?
    AYes, the conversation is automatically recorded and saved for one day so you can play back later and listen again.

    Since the contents of the call are stored on the server, even if the terminal is turned off or the application is terminated, it can be played back later.
  • QWhat happens if I use it simultaneously with other IP phone apps such as Zello?
    ASpecifications of other companies are also relevant, so please check the operation.
  • QCan I receive the conversation even in the background or lock screen?
    AYes, you can do.
  • QCan I make a conversation even on the lock screen?
    AYes, You can.
  • QCan I use it in a disaster or emergency?
    AYes, because it uses the Internet communication that is less affected by communication regulation, it is suitable for resilience in companies and local governments.

    Also, Buddycom is dedicated service and unidirectional communication load of the system is small, there is no service delay due to access concentration of general users like LINE and Twitter.
  • QIs it possible to link other applications?
    AYes, it is possible. After hearing the requirements, we will consider it. Please contact us.
  • QIs there any worry that other people will hear the conversation?
    AAs with analog radio, you can not receive radio waves and intercept it.
    In addition, since we are using "TLS / SSL" which encrypts data and transmits and receives data, we can make a secure call.
  • QCan I use one ID on multiple devices?
    AYes. However, you cannot sign in at the same time. The device you log in later will take precedence.
  • QCan I sign in to multiple devices simultaneously with the same ID?
    ANo, you cannot. You can sign in with one ID using one device.
  • QCan I cooperate with a commercially available Bluetooth headset?
    AFor Android, some products can work together.
    ※Cooperation with commercial products is not subject to support.


  • QCan I try trial?
    AYes, you can try 10 accounts a month for 10 accounts. Try now ▶︎
  • QHow long does it take from application to start of use?
    AYou can use it immediately after registering on the web.
  • QHow much is the usage fee?
    AMonthly fee is $6~. No initial cost required.
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  • QHow much is the initial cost?
    AFor Buddycom no initial cost is required.
    Purchasing expenses are required when purchasing optional accessories such as speaker microphone and earphone microphone.
  • QWhat kind of plans do you have?
    ABuddycom has a monthly payment plan and an annual payment plan.
    We are recommending it with an annual payment plan of 40% profit.
  • QCan audio data be stored for 24 hours or more?
    AAudio data will be erased after 24 hours.
    If you would like to extend the retention period, please contact us ▶︎
  • QOn the count of the Additional purchase licence of speech-to-text
    A1 Call counts for at least 15 seconds.
    For example, if you talk of 5 seconds is done three times, count for 15 seconds × 3 times = 45 seconds.
  • QWhat languages are supported for speech-to-text and transceiver translation?
    ALanguage:Japanese, English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Indonesian, Finnish.
    Other languages will be added according to market trends.
  • QOn the count of the amount of transceiver translation
    AIn the case of Japanese, the number of words spoken in a one minute talk is assumed to be 300 characters (9,000 characters in a 30 minute call).
    The number of characters of translation is counted by the number of characters in the language before translation.


  • QCan I make a one-on-one individual talk?
    AYes. You can talk individually between users logged in to the same group.
  • QCan I make individual calls with other groups?
    AYou can not make individual calls with other group members.
    When you make an individual call, please change the group yourself to which the other party is connected.
  • QCan I listen to group talk when I was talking individually within a group?
    AYes, you can listen.
    Also, while receiving a group talk, you can make an individual talk to a party other than the caller of the group talk.
  • QSome users forgot to stop outgoing calls. What should I do?
    ABy setting in the management console beforehand, the utterance stops without permission, so you can prevent forgetting to stop.
  • QCan I set which users can connect to each group?
    AYes, you can. For example, you can divide groups to talk for each store as follows.
    (1)Group A store
    The A group that can be connected only to store A users
    (2)Group B store
    The B group that can be connected only to store B users
    (3)Group All
    The all users can connect to groups


  • QIs there only one type of the button for talk?
    ANo. On the Buddycom app setting screen, you can switch between "hold (talk) while pressing the button)" and "toggle (start / end by pressing the button)".
  • QIs there a limit to the number of groups to make?
    AIt's unlimited!
  • QIs there a limit to the number of users to make?
    AIt's unlimited!
  • QHow do I make a groups?
    AIn the Buddycom console, administrators define the group creation and the users who will join that group.
    The management account of Buddycom Management Center will be issued at the time of contract.
  • QCan I change the display names of groups and users freely?
    AYes, you can change it freely on Buddycom console.


  • QCan we talk between iPhone and Android? (Different OS)
    AYes, you can.
  • QCan we talk between devices with different versions?
    AYes, you can.
  • QWhen connecting from in-house LAN, does a fixed global IP be necessary for each devices?
    AIt's unnecessory.


  • QI can not hear conversation.
    APlease check the following 2 points.
    ・With Buddycom displayed on the front, increase the volume of the device.
    ・Turn off the Bluetooth setting and check whether it is connected to the Bluetooth device.
  • QEven if iPhone is set to silent mode, you can hear Buddycom's talk sound.
    AIn iOS silent mode, Buddycom will not be muted. Please lower the volume of iOS with Buddycom displayed on the front.
  • QI was forcibly signed out while I was using Buddycom.
    AIf you sign in using the same user ID on another device, you will be forcibly signed out.
    Please make sure that no one is using the same user ID.
  • QA pop-up for reconnecting to the server will continue to be displayed, a beep will continue to sound.
    AIf Buddycom can not connect with the server, it will notify you with a popup or a beep.
    If you are using Wi-Fi, your environment may restrict connection with Buddycom server.
  • QPTT button on the speaker microphone or earphone microphone does not work with group talk.
    APlease try the operation below.

    (1)Remove the speaker microphone or earphone microphone from the smartphone
    (2)Restart Buddycom
    (3)Connect the speaker microphone or earphone microphone to the smartphone
    (4)Push the PTT button (talk button) to check if it works in conjunction
  • QThe talk button mode setting of the app is not reflected on the talk button of the speaker microphone / headset.
    A Even if you change the setting of the talk button mode of the app, the talk button mode of the speaker microphone / headset does not change.
    For each speaker microphone / headset, the button mode has been decided.
  • QImmediately after the Wi-Fi access point switches, can not receive talk.
    AIt will take time for smart device own communication to recover.
    When communication of smart device is restored, Buddycom will automatically reconnect, so please wait for a while.
    ※ The switching time of communication depends on the model of the smart device.
  • QImmediately after switching between 4G and 3G, can not receive talk.
    AIt will take time for smart device own communication to recover.
    When communication of smart device is restored, Buddycom will automatically reconnect, so please wait for a while.
    ※ The switching time of communication depends on the model of the smart device.
  • QWhile using Buddycom, Buddycom is forced to quit.
    ADepending on the specification of iOS, foreground app may terminate when memory runs out.
    Please use Buddycom with other apps terminated.
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