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Meiji University Rugby Club is a renowned rugby team with a long-standing tradition, founded in 1923. The club's emblem features a Pegasus. Blending the spirit of "moving forward" with elements of modern rugby, we strive to deliver rugby that will inspire and captivate our fans.
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  • DeviceiPhone
  • Functions usedGroup Talk, Chat, Playback of Talk, Speech-to-text
  • AccessoriesBluetooth microphone with function button (MKI-P3)
When a player was injured during practice, the challenge was to link information more quickly between the medical staff and the staff to facilitate a smooth response to the player's injury. To solve this challenge, we needed an "intercom" connected via Bluetooth that would not get in the way of the cord even when moving.
Why we chose Buddycom
We had been using another company's intercom application for about four years and needed to replace it due to age-related deterioration, but we were considering replacing it because they were all expensive, and then Director Kamitori was introduced to Buddycom by a Black Rams Tokyo representative.
Meiji University Rugby Club
Usage scene

At a rugby club practice, for the quick response of the staff in dealing with injuries and running the practice.

<Management of practice>
The Meiji University Rugby Club manages practice with only 7 coaches, coaches, and medical staff and 7 student staff, even though almost all of the 90 players practice on the field during the limited 90-minute weekday morning practice time when everyone can participate, depending on the time.

The student staff members work together to organize the practice location and players, and by using Buddycom, they can communicate immediately even if they are at different ends of the field, which leads to the creation of an environment to become the best university in Japan where coaches can immediately instruct players. This has led to the creation of an environment in which managers and coaches can immediately provide guidance to their players.

<Handling Injuries>
Although two medical staff members are present during practice, only one is available to deal with players who are practicing because some players are in rehabilitation. With only one medical staff member on duty, it was difficult to monitor all the players practicing, and there were times when we would inevitably miss something and not be able to get to them immediately if something happened.

By having the medical staff and student staff work together via Buddycom, we are able to keep an eye on every corner of the field and communicate the current status of the players in real time, allowing us to respond more quickly to any injuries.

Meiji University Rugby Club
How effective?

The ability to have a conversation wherever I am has given me more time and made every day a fulfilling 90 minutes.

Meiji University conducts morning practices, which are short and limited in time (6:30~8:00). In the course of running these practices, Buddycom is used like an intercom to designate where the players will be watered and where the next practice will be held, which allows the practices to run smoothly.

Previously, when an injury occurred during a rugby team practice, a student staff member had to call the medical staff at a distance in a loud voice. We also had a staff meeting before morning practice began, but because Buddycom allows us to talk to each other wherever we are, we no longer have to assemble, which gives us more time and makes for a productive 90 minutes each day.

In addition to the smooth audio quality, Buddycom also allows us to save the conversation as text on the smartphone app screen, so we can check it again in case we missed something.
In addition, we use an earpiece type of Bluetooth microphone with function button (MKI-P3) as a peripheral device, which is very easy to use for staff members who are constantly moving during practice because the cord does not get caught or the earphones do not fall out of their ears.
The previous earphone microphone for the intercom application was a bit heavy, and when I put it in my ear, I had to float it a bit to avoid ear pain.

Meiji University Rugby Club
Expectation for the future

Contributing to the community through events organized by the rugby club as part of the Sports x SDGs initiative

The Meiji University Rugby Club is training to become the best in Japan, and at the same time, we not only practice on a daily basis, but also hold events sponsored by the rugby club that contribute to the local community.
During events, we are so busy setting up stalls and directing customers that it is difficult to make phone calls, so we would like to use Buddycom as a communication tool among our staff in the future.

Meiji University Rugby Club
We think Buddycom is a great communication tool. Since conversations can be left on the app, it will be easy to communicate with other schools for meetings and other purposes, such as practice matches with overseas teams from other schools.

KamitoriMeiji University Rugby Club, Director

Buddycom made it
Buddycom has a number of dedicated earphone mics, and it was helpful to be able to choose from Bluetooth/wired, in-ear/sound-isolating types, etc., depending on the situation and ease of use for the person using the device.

KobayashiMeiji University Rugby Club, Lead and Student Coach

What we recommend
Since first-year students may not understand or hear back what fourth-year students are saying, we recommend the ability to check the conversation history on Buddycom. It is also useful for the trainer to check what has happened today.

NishikawaMeiji University Rugby Club, Trainer

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