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GENDA GiGO Entertainment, Inc. operates approximately 225 entertainment facilities in Japan and abroad with the mission of creating smiles and excitement through "fun places.
Game arcade
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  • DeviceiPhone
  • Functions usedGroup Talk, Chat, DigiChime Collaboration
  • AccessoriesTie-pin microphone for PTT only (MKI-P2S1),Sound Insulating Earphone - with earplugs with holes (MKI-E2),Bluetooth microphone with function button (MKI-P3)
Originally, all stores were using intercoms, but then we introduced a business application (Digichaimu) and smartphones.
In order to make effective use of this business application, it was necessary to distribute smartphone terminals to all floor staff, which meant that they would have to carry both intercoms and smartphones, increasing costs and hassle.
Why we chose Buddycom
The biggest deciding factor was that Buddycom has developed a function to link the aforementioned business applications with Buddycom, making it possible to consolidate the terminals into a single unit.
The introduction of Buddycom was also supported by its functions as an intercom, such as clear voice as well as transcription, which were not available in the old intercoms.
Usage scene

In addition to Buddycom, we use business apps, SNS, and many other functions on a single smartphone.

Much of the interaction between staff in a game center store is done through Buddycom.
For example, Buddycom plays an active role when cooperation with other staff is necessary, such as when there is a problem with a machine or when a prize needs to be replenished.
Especially in large or multi-level stores, it is essential for staff to work together using Buddycom, so the voice is clear, there are no interruptions in communication, and there are no problems with battery consumption of the smartphone terminals, which was a concern.

The ability to communicate with We initially introduced Buddycom as a replacement for our intercom system, but our staff is very satisfied with its functions that exceed those of the intercom system.
One of the attractive features of Buddycom is that it has more functions than intercom, such as transcription, and because it is a smartphone application, it can be used at the same time as other business applications with a variety of functions.

In addition, a variety of accessories are available, such as ear-mounted, wired, and Bluetooth devices, to meet the needs of each store. At our site, we use a tie-pin microphone dedicated for PTT, sound-isolating earphones, and a Bluetooth microphone with function buttons.

GENDA SEGA Entertainment Inc.
How effective?

Buddycom x DigiChime reduces customer waiting time by approximately 10 seconds per customer.

With all floor staff now equipped with smartphones and Buddycom, the business application (DigiChime) they were using has become much more convenient, resulting in a 10-second reduction in customer wait times per case.In addition, Buddycom's transcription feature has completely eliminated the need to listen to conversations that were previously inaudible during customer service, and the need to re-listen to them.

In game arcades, where the number of staff is limited in relation to the number of game machines, it is critical to be able to respond to customer calls.
GENDA GiGO Entertainment has linked its cloud chimes, DigiChime and Buddycom, to respond to customer calls.

When a customer reads the 2D code and calls a staff member with DigiChime, a voice call notification is broadcast to all staff members via Buddycom.
This allows staff to respond to customers in real time without having to check their smartphone screens, reducing the amount of time customers have to wait.

GENDA SEGA Entertainment Inc.
Expectation for the future

We see great potential in the use of textualized call data.

Buddycom has many great features compared to walkie-talkies and intercoms, and we believe it can make a significant contribution to DXing game center operations, which have not changed in over 30 years.
In the future, we would like to introduce Buddycom to all East Japan Company stores and eventually spread it to all Maruhan storesAs we continue to expand our business applications, both SaaS and in-house, we think it would be very useful to be able to consolidate notifications to staff into Buddycom.

Also, in stores, intercom interactions on the floor often determine how good or bad customer service is, and we thought it would be interesting to analyze the data from these interactions in the future and use it not only to improve customer service, but also to manage store safety.

GENDA SEGA Entertainment Inc.
What we recommend
Both the application and the management console could be operated with little or no manual. The ease of use for both users and administrators is another recommendation.

KawaiGENDA SEGA Entertainment Inc.

Buddycom made it
The integration between Digi-Chaimu and Buddycom has reduced the time it takes to respond to customers. The fact that each staff member has a smartphone device has led to the use of new applications, which would not have been possible without the introduction of Buddycom.

IkeharaGENDA SEGA Entertainment Inc.

If you are not currently using an intercom or transceiver, and considering the quality and features of Buddycom, as well as the ease of getting started with a single smartphone, it is well worth considering a replacement.

NishikawaGENDA SEGA Entertainment Inc.

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