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MARUHAN is the biggest entertainment conglomerate in Japan, helping people to find “Joy in Life” to people through entertainment such as the pachinko, bowling alleys, game arcades, theaters, and golf courses. We shall focus on stretching beyond the limits of the pachinko industry to become a world-class entertainment company.
Start time
  • DeviceiPhone
  • Functions usedGroup Talk, Chat, Image sending and receiving, Speech-to-text
  • AccessoriesNoise canceling microphone for PTT (MKI-P5)
There were various issues to be addressed, including battery drainage due to aging intercoms, improvement of operational coordination in the form of inability to communicate with in-store personnel due to lack of signal reception when patrolling parking lots, reduction of change costs due to revision of intercom radio laws, and consideration of working methods using smartphones for operational use.
Why we chose Buddycom
We thought that Buddycom's functions could solve all of our issues, so we introduced Buddycom as a replacement for our intercom system.
The sincere response of the person in charge and the system's ability to follow up and respond quickly when problems occurred were decisive factors in our decision to introduce Buddycom.
How effective?

Highly directional microphone enables clear voice communication even in noisy pachinko parlors.

The intercom we used before had a very low battery that had to be replaced several times a day, but Buddycom eliminates the need for troublesome battery replacement because the smartphone is used as the terminal.
In addition, even in the noisy environment of a pachinko parlor, the highly directional microphone allows clear audio to be heard, allowing smooth and stress-free operation of the business.

Communication is possible anywhere as long as there is an Internet connection, which facilitates communication both inside and outside the pachinko parlor, leading to a significant improvement in business operations.
In particular, by sharing images using the chat function, information sharing has become smoother, as it is possible to visually confirm information that is difficult to communicate using words alone. The ability to send photos using the chat function for communication inside and outside the store is something that was not possible with conventional intercoms and radios, and I think it was made possible only with Buddycom.

In addition, the ability to check call history by transcribing conversations has eliminated the action of having to listen again.

Usage scene

Utilized by hall staff, backyard, counters, parking lot patrols to prevent leaving cars unattended, etc.

Buddycom is mainly used as a business communication tool inside and outside each store. Inside the store, Buddycom connects the hall staff, counter staff, and backyard staff, allowing them to collaborate on real-time information.
Outside the store, Buddycom is used for morning entry and parking lot patrols. Maruhan is currently working company-wide to eliminate the practice of leaving staff unattended in their cars, and the ability to share information in real time from the parking lot is helping to prevent this practice.

The ability to communicate with staff both inside and outside the store has greatly improved communication and information sharing among staff.
In addition, the introduction of Buddycom has led to the constant use of smartphones, which has improved customer service skills, such as the use of smartphones to provide explanations when dealing with customers.

Expectation for the future

We are considering expanding the use of this system to all East Japan Company stores, and eventually to all Maruhan stores.

Thanks to the introduction of Buddycom, which allows calls to be made using Internet communications, it is now possible to consider conducting business by connecting multiple stores. In particular, we would like to provide new services by allowing dominant stores to communicate with Buddycom at the same time.
In the future, we would like to introduce Buddycom to all East Japan Company stores and eventually spread it to all Maruhan stores.

We feel that Buddycom is not only a communication tool, but also an advanced feature being developed and released, and we look forward to the many possibilities that will open up in the future. I am looking forward to trying out the "Live Cast" in the future, which we are not currently using.

It is easy to get started with just an iPhone/iPad or other device and can be used in many different places. We hope many people will get to know Buddycom and give it a try.
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What we recommend
We recommend it because it can be used in a variety of ways depending on the user's environment, including the fact that it requires no special equipment other than a device such as an iPhone/iPad, and that advanced functions are being developed and released one after another.
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