RICOH BlackRamsTokyo
Since its foundation in 1953, RICOH BlackRamsTokyo has been on a mission to be a team that brings energy and inspiration to the community, the company, and its employees through rugby. The team has won the Japan Rugby Championship twice, and will continue to play hard as a team to fulfill this mission by participating in Japan Rugby League One, which will be inaugurated in January 2022.
RICOH BlackRamsTokyo
Athletic Operation
Start time
  • DeviceiPhone, Android
  • Functions usedGroup Talk, Speech-to-text, Easy login
  • AccessoriesBbradio2 - Bluetooth earphone microphone, Bluetooth Earphone Mic with Function Button(MKI-P3)
In a large venue, communication among staff assigned to each area was essential for operational and safety reasons, but the limited number of walkie-talkies and other equipment limited the number of staff who could communicate. In urgent cases, the person contacted by walkie-talkie would look for the person to whom he or she wanted to convey information.
Why we chose Buddycom
It is a very effective tool because it is convenient in that you do not need to carry a walkie-talkie but only a smartphone, you can create groups that correspond to channels on Buddycom, and you can listen to the conversations of multiple groups without having to switch channels each time, and you can check what is being said in text later when you are dealing with customers.
How effective?

If something is unclear in the field or with a customer, someone else can check with the customer immediately, reducing stress for both staff and customers.   

This time, about 50 people involved in the management of the RICOH BlackRamsTokyohosted the game and used Buddycom. Buddycom can be used with a smartphone, so more people can use it without the need to prepare new equipment. At the game site, staff members began to talk to each other about even the smallest things, and we feel that communication has become smoother.

Also, when there are questions in the field, I can immediately check with someone in the group to get an answer, which has reduced the number of customers waiting, and has made the response process stress-free for both staff and customers.
Even if a customer is interrupted during a conversation and we are unable to respond, we can check the conversation later because it is saved as text, so there is no more chance of missing something.

Buddycom is more convenient than a walkie-talkie because it allows multiple groups to listen in on conversations as needed, so the person in charge does not have to switch channels every time.
In addition, because the administrator can group users, it is possible to protect the confidentiality of conversations between outsiders (subcontractors) and internal personnel.

RICOH BlackRamsTokyo
Usage scene

Buddycom to be used for competition management and VIP support for Japan Rugby League One 2022

Buddycom was used as a communication tool among the staff members who were scattered in various locations in the spacious stadium for the RICOH BlackRamsTokyos host games, competition management, and VIP support.

In handling VIPs, we shared the fact that Mr. 〇〇 had arrived when the guests (VIPs) arrived at the venue, so that there would be no rudeness in handling them. In addition, when a problem occurred in the venue, the person in charge who received the call would go to the site.

In competition operations, we envisioned being able to share detailed confirmations regarding the placement of equipment in the venue, etc., and to communicate and confirm the movement and removal of installations in the venue in the event of strong winds or worsening weather conditions.

We also had outside contractors use Buddycom, and they were able to use it without detailed explanations, simply by sharing simple instructions on installation, account setup, and usage.

RICOH BlackRamsTokyo
Expectation for the future

We would like to use Buddycom from the pre-game preparation for all parties involved.

In the future, I would like to use Buddycom not only at the host game site, but also during pre-game preparations at the field, etc., to talk with members who are far away from each other.

We also believe that Buddycom can be used almost intuitively once settings are made with easy login, so we believe that efficiency will increase if Buddycom can be used on a global scale by all members involved in the game show site.

RICOH BlackRamsTokyo
If you have a transceiver that is useful, or if you have a business that anticipates using a transceiver, you may want to compare Buddycom with Buddycom to see how well it works.

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