Resona Bank, Limited.
Resona Bank, Ltd. is Japan's largest trust-owned retail commercial bank under the umbrella of Resona Holdings, Inc. Resona Holdings, Inc. has been selected as a "Digital Transformation Issue (DX)" by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Tokyo Stock Exchange for two consecutive years in 2021 and 2020.
Resona Bank, Limited.
Store Operations
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  • DeviceiPhone
  • Functions usedGroup Talk
  • AccessoriesBbradio2 - Bluetooth earphone microphone
When it was difficult to coordinate information among staff members due to the shape of the branch, transceivers were used, but there were physical problems such as cable snagging and functional problems such as difficulty in two-way conversations among multiple people.
Why we chose Buddycom
In addition to the ability to solve the issues before the introduction of the system, Buddycom was selected for its cost, sound quality, continuous call time, wide grouping capability, and future potential for future development in order to build a "new in-store sales style".
How effective?

Information Linkage within Bank Branches Enhanced with Buddycom

Since all staff members in a bank branch can communicate their business at the same time, real-time communication between lobby staff, customer service representatives, and back office staff is now possible.

In addition, bank branch managers can now easily keep track of staff movements by simply listening to the content of conversations that staff members are having with each other via Buddycom.

Resona Bank, Limited.
Usage scene

Mainly used to link information between the bank's OTC and back office

When a customer arrives at a bank branch, the lobby staff asks the customer's business at the general reception desk, but in the past, depending on the customer's business, the lobby staff had to contact the customer service representative individually by walkie-talkie or extension phone, or go to an employee in the back office to inform him or her of the business.

With the introduction of Buddycom, the lobby staff can communicate with customers at the reception desk and inform all staff in the branch of the customer's visit and needs in a very natural way, without keeping the customer waiting.

Resona Bank, Limited.
Buddycom is recommended because of its ability to allow multiple people to talk simultaneously, wide grouping, and long continuous talk time.

SasakiResona Bank, Limited.

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