JAL SKY is responsible for passenger services and station operations at Tokyo International Airport (Haneda) and Narita International Airport for JAL Group flights and flights of foreign airlines commissioned by JAL.
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  • DeviceiPad
  • Functions usedGroup Talk, Playback of Talk, Chat, Image sending and receiving
  • AccessoriesBbradio2
Before using Buddycom, we were using a communication application from another company, but the microphone that came with it was a wired type, so we had to attach and detach it when our staff went through the security checkpoint, which was a time-consuming task.
Why we chose Buddycom
When we introduced Buddycom, the suggestion of a Bluetooth type microphone was a big factor. The sincere response and follow-up system of the person in charge was also a decisive factor in our decision.
How effective?

The voice is very clear even in the large Haneda Airport, and important conversations can be carried out smoothly.

The earphones are now Bluetooth, which eliminates tangled cords and the need to attach and detach cords, and reduces stress for staff by making it easier to pass through security checks.
Also, by consolidating communication tools into Buddycom, we were able to reduce the number of devices that staff had to wear.
In terms of communication, the voice is very clear even in the large Haneda Airport, and important conversations can be carried out smoothly without any major problems.

We think the appeal of Buddycom is that it is not only a communication tool, but also develops advanced functions one after another.
We hope that Buddycom will continue to expand its possibilities in the future.

Usage scene

This is very effective in operations where every minute counts, such as communication between ground-crew.

As of May 2021, JAL Sky has a total of 301 Buddycoms in use, 231 on domestic flights and 70 on international flights. Even when speaking to a group of people all at once, the voice reaches them without delay, making it very effective in operations where every minute counts.

On the domestic flights at Haneda Airport alone, there are nearly 200 staff members working in one shift in the large airport, so we use this system for communication and information sharing among the staff.
We mainly use it to give instructions to field staff from controllers at counters, lobbies, security checkpoints, boarding gates, and offices.
For example, the staff at the counters and security checkpoints share information on congestion at multiple security checkpoints located far apart from each other via Buddycom, and if customers are concentrated at a particular security checkpoint, they are directed to a relatively empty security checkpoint.

We use it on an iPad that one of my staff members has, and being able to use Buddycom on that iPad is very convenient because it allows me to consolidate my devices into one. It is also optimized for the iPad, supports landscape mode, and makes it easy to check call history.

About accessories

Bluetooth earphone mics don't hurt your ears and the earphone part is replaceable.

The dedicated Bluetooth earphone mic that works with Buddycom is located at the chest of the microphone itself, so it is easy on the ears and does not cause earaches.
Also, the battery lasts for 20 hours of continuous talk time, so you can use it for long hours of work without any problems.
Hygiene is also very important in COVID-19 pandemic, but the earphone part can be replaced, so each user can change the earphone and use it in a very hygienic way.

Expectation for the future

Expectations for collaboration with 5G and AI as a tool for DX in the field.

Haneda Airport uses Buddycom for a very long time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and real-time commnication is a very important means of communication for aircraft operations.
We are looking forward to the development of more advanced functions that utilize 5G and AI as tools for DX in the field, as well as advanced functions that exceed our imagination, such as support for other languages to enable anyone to communicate with foreign customers without problems.

It's easy to get started with just an iPhone/iPad or other device, and I think it can be used in many places, so I hope many people will learn about Buddycom and give it a try.
盛田 稔雄


What we recommend
iPhone/I recommend it for its ability to be used in various ways depending on the user's environment, including the fact that it does not require any special equipment other than a device such as an iPhone/iPad and that advanced functions are continuously being developed.
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Buddycom made it
The ability to send messages using Bluetooth and send photos using the chat function is not available in conventional radios and was made possible by Buddycom.
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