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This company was established in 2010 by Toyota Tsusho Corporation with technical cooperation from Kinki University, which has established complete bluefin tuna farming.
ロケーションNagasaki, Japan
Tuna farming
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  • DeviceAndroid smartphone
  • Functions usedGroup Talk, Speech-to-Text
  • AccessoriesAINA PTT Voice Responder
In the fish ponds where tuna is cultivated, it is difficult for workers to communicate with each other due to the sound of the sea breeze and the noise of the ship's machinery, and it is also difficult for them to talk on the phone because they are wearing gloves while working, making it impossible to coordinate necessary information in real time.
Why we chose Buddycom
Before the introduction of Buddycom, we conducted demonstration tests in a fish pond and on a boat, and found it to be as easy to use as we expected. Above all, Buddycom is a robust speaker microphone that is resistant to tidal water and wind, and can be used via bluetooth, making it easy to operate even when wearing gloves.
How effective?

It saved us time and cost on fuel for the ship.

Buddycom is installed on my smartphone, which is always in my pocket, and I only use the speaker microphone to control it. One of the benefits of Buddycom is that I no longer have to worry about damaging my smartphone by getting it wet or dropping it from my work clothes pocket.

We take a boat to the fishing grounds, and with Buddycom, we can talk in real time no matter where we are, so even if the boat ahead of us forgets something, we can contact all employees at once and have it delivered by one of the nearby boats or hill members.

As I said, leaving and returning by boat would have cost twice as much in time and fuel, so this system has helped to reduce those costs.
We sometimes have to make sudden changes to the work depending on the weather or the progress of the work, but using Buddycom has made communication more convenient, and we don't have to go back to the meeting once, which has made the work progress smoother.

Usage scene

A single Buddycom connects all operations on board, at the feeding station, and at shore facilities.

We use Buddycom as a communication tool when we work at fishing grounds where tuna is cultivated, for example, when we need to request more staff for a fishing ground that is short of workers, or when we need someone to move from one site to another.

We have not had any major emergencies at the moment, but since we are working at sea, we use Buddycom as a way of confirming the safety of our employees by saying, "I have finished my work, so I will go now and return.

We also set up fixed points in each fishing ground to check for red tide. When we want to prevent damage from the red tide, we check the red tide at the onshore facilities and quickly communicate with our employees whether to continue feeding, stop feeding, or wait.

The system is also used for evacuation drills in emergency situations. Since the safety of our employees is our top priority in continuing our business, we have to be prepared for natural disasters such as tsunamis, lightning caused by sudden cumulonimbus clouds, and other life-threatening natural phenomena. In the evacuation drill, we assumed that there was a risk of tsunami, so we placed workers at each aquaculture site and sent out a simultaneous call from the base station to all employees via Buddycom.

Why Buddycom is attractive

A sturdy speaker mic that's resistant to tidal water and sea breezes!

Since we do most of my work outdoors and at sea, we find Buddycom to be a sturdy speaker microphone that can be used hands-free, and easy to use even with gloves on.
We find it useful because we can hear and talk without problems even when it is windy or near the sound of an engine.

Expectation for the future

It would be useful if divers could communicate with each other in the water.

We will continue to use it as a communication tool as we operate our business in multiple fishing grounds.
We also do some work in the sea, and it is very dangerous in the sea, so it would be very nice and convenient if we could use Buddycom to communicate with other divers in the sea in the future.

The aquaculture industry is not very IT-oriented due to the lack of human resources, but I believe that improved communication using Buddycom will lead to more efficient use of personnel and time, and I recommend it to those who have such issues.
高橋 誠

Makoto TakahashiTuna Dream Goto Inc.

Other Initiatives
Since the key to the profitability of our business is how efficiently we can increase the size of our tuna, we are also working on using AI in fish body measurement to measure their weight and improve the efficiency of feeding the optimal amount of tuna.

Munehisa ShidaTuna Dream Goto Inc.

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