Horiguchi Coffee
Horiguchi Coffee is a coffee specialty store. We procure the highest quality raw beans from all over the world and roast them at the Roastery in Yokohama.
In addition to developing coffee shops and retail stores mainly in Tokyo and Setagaya, we also sell mail order at online shops and wholesale to cafes and restaurants.
Horiguchi Coffee
Start time
This roasting factory, which was newly built in Yokohama this time, divides the work space according to cleanliness. Workers on the storage room side and those on the processing side had to cooperate closely, and there was a problem that communication was not possible directly while the compartments were partitioned by walls.
Why we chose Buddycom
We were looking for something like an IP transceiver that could take advantage of the factory's wireless LAN and be scalable. So, we tested several IP transceiver apps, and decided to use Buddycom because it felt that the user interface was very simple and easy to understand.
The effect?

where 1 minute and 1 second is contested, there was no delay and smooth response was obtained.

Since it is a manufacturing site, there are scenes that compete for 1 minute and 1 second, and there is no delay and smooth response can be obtained.
Communication using Buddycom is very helpful because the rooms where hygiene is controlled have limited access to people.

Also, if the app can be installed and the version is correct, there were a wide range of smartphone options and it was easy to select.
There are many choices and it is easy to use, and there is a high degree of versatility that allows you to use a wireless headset, connect a speaker and a microphone with an earphone jack and use it on a desktop, and use it variously by yourself. I think it is very nice.

Picture of using Buddycom
Usage scene

Invented, customized and used at each work site

[Raw bean storage room]
For those in the green bean storage room who are always working while moving, we have a group call with a smartphone fixed to the arm with an arm band and a bluetooth earphone microphone with noise canceling.
At that time, when speaking, you press the button on the smartphone app screen fixed to your arm to talk.

Hold the smartphone next to the PC monitor with the arm, use the bluetooth earphone microphone with noise canceling as above, and press the button on the app screen to talk.

[Roasted bean sorter, filling / packing room and shipping area]
Workers have an activity range of about 2 to 3 m, so the smartphone is fixed with a smartphone stand or the like so that it can be used by an unspecified number of people, and the desk speaker and microphone are linked by wire.
You can hear the content of the call widely through the speaker, and speak into the desktop microphone while holding down the call button on the fixed smartphone app screen.

We don't have like a "All group", but we use individual calls when the roasted bean storage room and roasted bean sorter who want to share information with each other.

Horiguchi coffee
What We did during the trial

Accessories were selected and verified by ourselves

In roasting rooms, etc., the noise may be intense, so we purchased an earphone microphone with a noise canceling function and verified it.
Since it is not an official one, it was not supported and it did not work due to compatibility or there was a thing that PTT did not work, I had a hard time, but I decided to use the best way to use Buddycom even if PTT does not work Originally created.
For example, by listening to the earphone microphone and speaking when holding down the call button of the app, speaking with the earphone microphone, it was possible to talk even if the PTT of the earphone microphone did not work.  

I think it is very difficult to combine accessories with a simple transceiver.
The environment differs according to the worker and the work to be done is different, so I want to use it correspondingly, and while building the way of working in the roasting factory, oh, Buddycom is easy to use I knew it.

    Image during conversation
Message to you
WEB search and started from trial. It can be used on both iOS and Android, and is compatible with iPod and iPad, so it was easy to introduce.
Ryota Ito

Ryota ItoCEO

Recommended points
It is highly versatile for customization and is recommended because it can be used widely according to each site and usage scene.
Kentaro Usunami

Kentaro Usunami Production department

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