It covers the entire security business, including resident security, cash transport, mechanical security, home security for individual customers. We are in charge of 5 airports including airports.
Airport security
Start time
Until now, security staff did not lend dedicated radios, etc., and only certain members used company mobile phones. Also, one mobile phone was placed at each security location, but if the security staff moved, they could not be contacted, or if one-on-one communication, the situation was not transmitted to the surroundings, and information sharing was inefficient.
Why we chose Buddycom
Eliminating corporate mobile phones, unifying communication tools with smartphones, deploying one smartphone for each shift, and trying to increase information sharing among luggage inspection lines, security staff, and offices. Meanwhile, we heard from other companies considering the introduction of Buddycom that if they use a smartphone, they can also be used as an IP wireless device, and have come to use it.
The effect?

Work smoothly with simultaneous calls anywhere

One of the great strengths of being able to make simultaneous calls without worrying about the quality of the radio waves wherever you are at the airport. Even if something goes wrong, the person in charge simply reports it to the supervisor and shares it with the entire company at the same time, so the advantage is that the top management does not have to give instructions 1: 1.。

In addition, since Buddycom keeps what you say in voice and can be used as a voice recorder, it can also be used as a voice recorder you have, so you can reduce your belongings. It was simple to use, so I could easily start using it.

Picture of using Buddycom
Usage scene

Used and saved during baggage inspections and incidents

Buddycom is used at Fukuoka Airport for domestic and international security. Domestic flights have two checkpoints in the north and south. At the start of work, you will arrive at the site with a smartphone for each shift, such as the first person in charge of the north patrol and the third person in the north.

Basically, we share information with the ”All Group”, where all members participate, sharing delays in departure flights, moving luggage inspection lanes while checking the congestion status, and reporting to the office at the end of work.

The last flight varies by airline, and if the last flight is delayed that day, you have to make three adjustments: inline (baggage check), hijacking (baggage check) and lounge check.
Also, when a special property such as a special thing that was not commonly found in baggage inspection came out, We shared the whole information and situation on Buddycom, but the upper management was just in a meeting, Went to the site immediately and was able to respond.

Currently, it is also used on international flights at Itami Airport and Haneda Airport in addition to Fukuoka Airport.

        Guarded image
Expectations for Buddycom

Buddycom can be substituted for cash transport, guards and facility security

In addition to airport security, we believe that Buddycom can be used for cash transport, dispatch of guards for warnings, facility security, etc.
Currently, Buddycom is used at Tokyo, Itami, and Fukuoka airports, but we are considering expanding to other airports.
In the past, if something was difficult to judge during baggage inspection, we shared it verbally or with a photo, but I'm interested because Buddycom's LIVE video function can broadcast it on the spot.

Improve usability
We would like to reconsider making accessories a higher-level model, such as changing from a wired earphone microphone to a bluetooth type microphone or a PTT-compatible microphone that can be pressed and talked.
Soji Kikuhara

Soji KikuharaFukuoka Airport Branch Security Inspection Department
Inspection Section 1 Chief

Message to you
Group talk can be made regardless of radio waves, so the larger the site, the better the usability.
Mayumi Yauchi

Mayumi Yauchi Fukuoka Airport Branch Security Inspection Department
Inspection Section 1 Chief

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