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Fukushigakudan is a social welfare corporation that continues to take on the challenge of solving local issues, with a focus on businesses such as nursing homes and day services.
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Start time
Previously, staff worked with PHS receiving nurse calls and walkie talkie to share information about where the occupants were and where they would go. We did not use the walkie talkie because it was hard to carry around, so we ended up calling the staff on the PHS for confirmation, and it took a long time to share information and respond to occupants.
Why we chose Buddycom
We use the "Care Collabo" app to digitize care records and input the care records with a smartphone. The effect of using a smartphone is great, and We were introduced to Buddycom shortly after We thought that more various tasks could be streamlined with the application. We also selected Buddycom as a PHS replacement product that can be used for 4G and LTE.
The effect?

Improved communication between staff and improved quality of nursing care

Buddycom allows you to send and talk at the push of a button without having to select the person or location to talk to, so anyone from young employees to those in their 50s can use it.

Even if you want to talk to a specific person, you can make a call from within the app, so even if you are a silver worker on duty, you can use simple and easy Buddycom and it is very popular in the company. Now you can't do business without Buddycom.

In addition, communication using Buddycom increased, and talking with staff decreased in face-to-face.

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Usage scene

Mainly used to confirm the location of facility users, used for staff reports, emergency response, and disaster drills

Usually, a group of all employees called "Narita All" makes a call to confirm the location of the resident or user. Although this facility is all private rooms, it is called "unit type", and the place where 10 residents live as one unit is divided, and each unit shares a living room and it is each "home" .
Considering care that respects the user's intention, there is no key to restricting movement on a unit or floor basis.
Since the number of residents requiring nursing care is 3.6 and there are many residents who are relatively active and are actively moving, the location of the residents is always shared between staff members and care is taken. In addition, the night shift has a small number of staff, and all night shifts use Buddycom at 21:00 and 5:00 to report for information sharing so that staff do not leave the unit in charge due to collective reporting .

Buddycom is also active in responding to sudden changes in the resident's condition, and it is extremely helpful that it is easy to send out to the whole with very simple operation and can respond quickly.
For example, even if you need to back up the staff, such as "I do not know where Mr.Smith is "or" Please gather at reception because Mr. Jones suddenly changed ", all the contents are shared around It was very useful, and it became possible to deal with it on the spot, such as "Let's bring oxygen" or "Let's call an ambulance."

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Fukushigakudann Initiatives

Active use of ICT to improve work efficiency using smartphones

Fukushigakudan is actively working on ICT. In addition to Buddycom, we introduced "Care Collabo","Slack","Cybozu"," Kintone", "Sleep Scan","zoom"etc, making full use of smartphone apps and working efficiently with a small number of people.

What We mainly use other than Buddycom is "Care Collabo". This is an SNS-like service that can digitize the nursing care records of residents and share them with family members to collaborate on care. In the past, because records were written on paper, there was only the original, so waiting for the record, or someone taking the record at the resident's consultation at the hospital, the remaining staff could not be seen, and it was not efficient.

In addition to digitizing care records, care collabo allows you to share photos and videos of residents, events of the day, etc., grasp health conditions with vital data, and share various information such as care plans. You can also comment from your family. It has become a very popular app when the interaction between staff and family has become active.

The reason that these efforts quickly spread to the workplace was that the average age of the staff was young, and they were used to handling smartphones and apps, and the company's philosophy (if these services were not actually used, so let's use it for the time being), so I think that it is possible to challenge with light footwork.
Nowadays, you can't imagine working without a smartphone.

Picture of Care Collabo
Expectations for Buddycom

We want a safety confirmation function

In the event of a disaster, in addition to group calls, we hope to have a safety confirmation function such as a list of who answered the call.
Voices are useful, but it's even more useful if you have the ability to easily see who's safe in an emergency later on!

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Message to you
In order to use Buddycom, you must start using a smartphone, but you can also use various other business tools on your smartphone, so I think that there are great benefits.
Gen Hirano

Gen Hirano Support Center General Affairs Department
ICT promotion team

Recommended points
The app I use the most, I can no longer imagine working without Buddycom. Opportunities to talk directly to staff have been reduced with smartphones, on the other hand, because I can't usually see my face, I was able to reaffirm the significance of meeting in person.
Mari Nakamura

Mari Nakamura Facility welfare service department Morinoie Narita
Life counselor

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