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Sharing information among drivers, conductors, and parsers on the same bullet train is essential for prompt customer service and emergency response. Previously, when sharing information, there was a one-on-one conversation on a mobile phone for business use or PHS in a bullet train, and it took time to share information with all crew members, and there was a difference in content during transmission The problem was that there were cases where this occurred.
Why we chose Buddycom
In addition, if we know that group companies have introduced “Buddycom” as a means of communication, we will be able to quickly share information without increasing the number of mobile devices if we can introduce it to the crew as well as an application, “Buddycom” we determined that the implementation was optimal.
The effect?

Real-time voice communication among 2,000 groups without delay is amazing

In the past, information was transmitted from the command to the conductor using the command phone installed in the crew room.
However, it became possible to quickly communicate to the crew using Buddycom group calls.

In addition, it has become easier to share information between crews and commands, crew members of other bullet trains without commands, and improving customer service.

picture of using Buddycom
Why Buddycom is attractive

Now it ’s a tool we can’t let go of

Buddycom records the call contents and time, which can be played back later, and has excellent functionality such as being able to contact outside the bullet train (commands, front and rear train crews, etc.).

In addition, it has an operability that can be used by all crew members of a wide range of ages, and is now an indispensable tool for our work.

picture of bullet train
Usage scene

For customer service, vehicle breakdown response and lost item search

The situation can be quickly shared among crew members, such as when dealing with customers on the bullet train or when multiple vehicle failures are handled, and responding very smoothly by dividing roles accurately.

In addition, if lost items or tickets for other trains are discovered and contact is required, we can be contacted very quickly between other bullet trains.
On the other hand, we check the sensitivity of Buddycom in the meeting area before starting work.

picture of meeting
Future prospects

Expectations for live video calls and voice-to-texts

I would like to expect that the speed and certainty of information sharing will be improved by making group calls via LIVE video broadcasts and converting the content of conversations to text so that the local conditions can be understood more clearly.

In addition, by expanding the number of parties involved in group calls, we would like to further strengthen cooperation and provide safer and more comfortable transportation services. Buddycom apps

picture of staff staff smiling
Message to you
With the cooperation of Science Arts, the developer, with regard to the application specifications, we realized all the functional requirements required by our Tokaido bullet train crew, making it a very user-friendly application. Not only that, but we were able to improve the app for new needs that were discovered after the start of operation, and we were able to create a very satisfying tool.
Shigekazu Nogami

Shigekazu Nogami Deputy General Manager, Operation Section,
Transportation Sales Department,
Shinkansen Railway Business Division

Recommended points
Initially, it was a method of calling alternately like a conventional wireless device, but we decided that it would be better to be able to talk at the same time as a telephone and asked for improvements and answered. Also, it is a communication environment with no interference even in the wide area of ​​the Tokaido bullet train that goes back and forth between Tokyo and Osaka, and is active in various situations.
Shunsuke Kurita

Shunsuke Kurita Tokyo First Transportation Office
Driver Instructor

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