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Complaint before
When holding internal and external events, the means to smoothly communicate with related staff was limited to those using the transceiver, messengers such as SNS and telephone etc. that are used internally.
For that reason we were looking for something that could promptly share unified information.
Why we chose Buddycom
Since it is not an event specialty department, we do not stock materials such as transceivers. We selected Buddycom because it was optimal as a means that everyone can use it easily, by reducing rental expenses and borrowing trouble every time.
How efficient?

Even those unfamiliar with the transceiver are smart phones so it was easy to use.

It was very reassuring for us to use the smartphone and feel free to use it in the absence of a skilled person in the transceiver.
Sound quality is pretty good that could hear the whisper voice, I felt the quality was quite high as I could get the cooperation almost anywhere as with the phone.
Sound quality is really good which even could hear the whisper voice.

At the beginning of the use, there was a part that took trouble with the operation method, but as it got used to while actually going on the event, all the users highly evaluated it was very convenient. In that regard, We think that it was worth choosing Buddycom.

Unlike the usual transceiver, depending on the operation method, it was good to be able to always be in a conversation state and to know easily from whom a person who is not machine-friendly can know easily .

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Usage scene

Use information sharing for each position of the event relation staff as an advantage

In the in-house event (Yahoo! JAPAN Hardening 2018) about 100 participants, we used information sharing for each position of the event relation staff as an advantage.

By using Buddycom possessed by each person in charge of customer guidance (acceptance / flow line guidance), in the venue (event supervision, progress, PA charge, operation support), we have irregular correspondence and information sharing, We were able to respond quickly and flexibly to directions and instructions.
After that, we use Buddycom when we want to communicate with other in-house events.

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Expectation for the future

We are looking forward to the accessory lineup

We hope that you can increase the lineup of recommended accessories such as earphone microphones and respond flexibly in various situations.
Even outside events etc., it was very convenient, so it was a deciding factor.

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Recommended points
Since the quality of the call is good, it can be used on my own smartphone, so I am accustomed to the operation feeling and it is convenient to carry.
Yoshitaka Kojima

Yoshitaka KojimaYahoo Japan Corporation
CISO, Security Promotion Office

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