AEON RETAIL is a comprehensive retailing business with approximately 400 stores with approximately 85,200 employees.
Store operation
Start time
Complaint before
It was a challenge to make a person's time shortage normal and inefficient customer service.
In the interior last year, we introduced about 20 thousand smart phones to stores and took the first step in digitizing stores. So with chronic lack of personnel, just introducing smartphones made it difficult to realize adequate customer service.
Why we chose Buddycom
The greatest purpose of introducing "Buddycom" this time is to realize "reform of employee's way of working".
Unlike the transceiver, Buddycom likes to have almost no restrictions on the communication situation because it uses the internet line.
How efficient?

Significantly shorten "time to find people, goods and places", improve customer service

Tardy and absences such as training and meeting decreased. And we can ask to cashiers and packing supporters soon during busy time, so the waiting time for customers has decreased.
Also, the moving distance of employees has been shortened to 1/2 by pedometer.

Even though the moving distance decreased, communication between staff were improved, and it was effective in customer service.

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Great point

It is very handy because you can talk without having to wait for the staff call end

Because it is possible to hear back by recording, it is convenient when it is hard to hear.
For that reason, it is popular that managerial personnel and executives have been able to improve communication with subordinates and make smooth customer service possible.

Buddycom is highly evaluated by employees who actually use it, and we think that is an attractive product.

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Usage scene

We use Buddycom for all team play

We used Buddycom to thoroughly eliminate unnecessary time such as product inquiries and time to search for people to make effective use of limited time.
By doing so, it is now possible to fundamentally improve customer service and services that are essential.

Especially when calling cheering staff on store broadcasting, such as when crowded food registers, gathering was late, but using Buddycom makes calling up individually easily and quickly.

In addition, we were able to have instructions and confirmations that needed to be contacted to more than one person by phone at the same time, so that we can now have a common understanding of when and what all employees need.

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Expectation for the future

Consider using Transceiver translation

We will accelerate the realization of "reform labor conditions of employees".
In future, we are considering utilization of Buddycom's "Transceiver translation" function registered in domestic patent.
We would like to use it as real-time communication between employees with different nationality and as a means for foreigners to deal with customers.

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Message to you
Quality such as ease of listening to speech was very good. It is a very effective tool, so please try using Buddycom first.
Teppei Takeuchi

Teppei TakeuchiAEON RETAIL Co.,Ltd.
Store operation dept.

Without Buddycom
When purchasing a transceiver, I think that the communication environment is limited, the number of belongings has increased, and I think that the workload was being applied to the employees.
Atsushi Watanabe

Atsushi WatanabeAEON RETAIL Co.,Ltd.
Store operation manager

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