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SBS Zentsu is developing pre-cooled low temperature transport and co-delivery, individual home delivery and cargo storage, sorting, picking, packaging, processing work and food 3PL.
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Start time
Complaint before
Because there were offices that could not be used, the MCA radio that we used was limited, We could not deal with it unless we were inside the car because it was fixed.
Why we chose Buddycom
Since we can easily use Buddycom by carrying a smartphone, we wanted to unify the radio equipment to the smartphone and want to reduce the running cost and adopted this product.
How efficient?

Management of vehicle location and real-time sharing of information on drivers and operation managers

During the heavy snow, a major problem occurred in delivery at various places, but the operation manager at each sales office managed the location information of the vehicle and was able to smoothly instruct to the vehicle.
Thanks to this, we were able to promptly contact the customer and respond to the situation.

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Great point

More than the MCA radio features, easy to handle Buddycom

Switching from MCA radio to Buddycom, we were able to bringing in IP radio to all business sites, which is a great merit.
If you already have a smartphone, you only need to install app to use is easy and attractive.
Also, it is safe for customers who are entrusted to our company to be able to respond promptly in case of emergency disaster.

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Usage scene

Using for information sharing at the time of issue, arrival, standby, and exit

We have a smartphone that installs Buddycom to the driver, one for each vehicle, and delivers it to all 61 management centers every day.

We believe that it is obligation to not cause an accident because we are working from society with a work place called "road" and we use Buddycom for safety declaration at the time of delivery.
Also, at the time of arrival at the destination or at the end of the work, it is used also at the time of standby to share information on the driver side and the management side and to control the delivery time.

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Expectation for the future

Utilize Buddycom's Transceiver translation function for communication with foreign colleagues

Shortage of manpower in the current logistics industry is a problem.
In the future, we also think that we would like to focus on recruiting foreign workers, and we are very interested in the simultaneous translation function (Transceiver translation) through Buddycom.

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Buddycom made it
There is no restriction to carry the terminal, and neither the driver nor the management side need to stick to the place to respond.
Akio Kakuta

Akio KakutaSBS Zentsu Co., Ltd.
Minamiosawa business office

Message to you
It will show great power in emergency. In addition, it is useful to operate of accessories with the PTT button is prepared.
Hiroo Sato

Hiroo SatoSBS Zentsu Co., Ltd.
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