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JAL Engineering is an aircraft maintenance company that carries out maintenance of JAL's aircraft and supports safe operation.
Start time
Dissatisfaction before
In the past, dedicated IP radio was large and heavy, it was a burden of a mechanic carried around.
Also, charging of the radio equipment can not catch up with the 24-hour operation site, the number of deployments has increased and management became hard.
Buddycom examined adoption because it can communicate like a radio using a smartphone and reduce the number of terminals that carry around due to function consolidation.
Also the reason for introducing that there are many choices of accessories and it was judged effective to use under bad weather conditions.
How effective?

Mechanic's items are lighter then before and much running costs were reduced

It was a great merit that we could reduce the number of terminals that the mechanic carried around, we could lighter weight of 500g.
Also, by using Bluetooth speaker microphone together, clear calls can be made even in a noisy environment, so it was effective for communication between mechanics.

Sound quality is also not a mechanical sound like a conventional radio, it is very clear and easy to identify an individual.

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Usage scene

After the landing of the aircraft, use Buddycom during inspection until takeoff, also used for contact between staff

While keeping the safety of passenger aircraft, in order to minimize the delay, we use it to contact mechanics.
As an example, when judging that repair or replacement is necessary during inspection, We use Buddycom to transport parts and request workers.

Also, we are using Buddycom when contacting in the noise of the airplane engine.

Task before

There was a concern from the mechanic that Buddycom's quality and stability might be problematic

From the mechanic, there was a concern that there might be problems in quality and stability when changing from a dedicated radio to Buddycom, but the concern was dispelled as it was used in actual maintenance work.

Expectation for the future

We expect the speech-to-text and Transceiver translation as a service for Enterprise

It is a feature of Buddycom evolving day by day, especially we are very interested in new features such as multi group receive, speech-to-text and Transceiver translation.

Buddycom made it
Easy to install, all the mechanics were able to communicate with each other. In addition, the distance between the mechanic and technical support was close.
Masaki Noda

Masaki NodaJAL Engineering Co., Ltd.
Facility Engineering Group

Message to you
Using Buddycom improves information sharing in a communication environment beyond the conventional while reducing the physical burden on site workers.
Yasuhisa Seki

Yasuhisa SekiJAL Engineering Co., Ltd.
International Line Maintenance Office

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