Kitakyushu Transportation Bureau
Kitakyushu Municipal Transportation Bureau is a local government enterprise and operates a bus service (public bus).
LocationKitakyushu, Fukuoka, Japan
Public bus
Start time
In the process of improving service to users of buses and building a crisis management system, we were looking for products that have a wide communication area and no communication down like IP radio.
Why we chose Buddycom
Wanted to unify the running cost which it takes monthly by the communication cost of IP radio equipment / drive recorde / bus location system etc. We chose Buddycom because it is possible to considerably reduce those costs.
Usage scene

Information sharing between the driver and the managing side became smoother

First, when the driver of the bus issued, the information was also solitary and very closed only by unilateral contact from the driver.
Now We can communicate using Buddycom's individual calls and group calls, and from where we can see where the driver is.
Even in case of emergency, we are now able to respond.

We are now able to share information in real time, such as how long you have luggage, construction and accidents, and how long it is behind schedule, so you can respond quickly to customer inquiries etc.

Picture of a bus driver
How effective?

Low running cost

In the charter bus we used a fixed type radio before, and the initial cost became less than half compared with that.

In the future, by using the drive recorder and the bus location system for improving services on the same smartphone as Buddycom, it is expected that the running cost will be drastically reduced in the future.

Picture of buses
Expectation for the future

Considering using Transceiver translation function for inbound customers

Since we can see the location information of the bus in real time, we are considering that we can utilize it for the bus location system in the future.
In addition, the number of inbound customers will increase, the range of utilization will expand in the future, such as Transceiver translation which is a new feature.

picture of staff talking
Frustrating before
Even if we have an inquiry about lost items or bus delay at our business office, we did not notice contact or it was difficult to realize.
Ryuji Yamamoto

Ryuji YamamotoSales Promotion Division

Buddycom made it
We needed a mechanism of J alert (nationwide warning / alert system) later, it was completed just by installing the application on the smart phone without purchasing new equipment. I thought this was only possible for smartphone IP radio.
Nobuhiro Yamashita

Nobuhiro YamashitaSales Promotion Division

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