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Cathay Pacific Airways Limited adopts Buddycom as an IP Wireless Transceivers in Passenger, Maintenance and Cargo sectors achieving Digital Transformation of audio communication.

Science Arts, Inc. (Location: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Hidekazu Hiraoka) is pleased to announce that Cathay Pacific Airways Limited (Location: Hong Kong, Chief Executive Officer: Ronald Lam) adopts a live communication platform "Buddycom" which can connect deskless workers (non-office workers).

【Challenges Cathay Pacific had before adopted Buddycom】
Before using Buddycom, staffs in Narita International Airport of Cathay Pacific were using wireless transceivers, but its battery consumption was fast, and had to charge the devices twice a day.
So, started considering replacement of wireless transceivers, Cathay Pacific started testing Buddycom installed on smartphones provided by NTT DoCoMo, Inc. (Location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Motoyuki Ii) as an alternative to wireless transceivers from July 2022 and adopted Buddycom formally in October 2022.
It is used not only for Passenger and Maintenance sectors, but also for Cargo sector, and information such as the flight status of the aircraft is shared among staffs in real time through Buddycom.

"Buddycom", which Cathay Pacific adopted this time, is the service that enables simultaneous communication with multiple people as a transceiver or walkie-talkie, using the data communication such as a cellular line of NTT DoCoMo, Inc. or Wi-Fi (wireless LAN), by installing an application on a smartphone or tablet.
Therefore, you can reduce the number of devices to carry using Buddycom and it has so many features that wireless transceivers do not have.

【Effects after Buddycom】
Cathay Pacific can easily prioritize and share highly urgent information such as matters related to on-time operation or safety operation by using Buddycom. In addition, there are effects such as "Battery consumption time has been greatly improved compared to transceivers, which increased the staffs’ sense of security in the field", "All conversations are recorded so can listen to them again" and “Timely information sharing has become possible, enabling Cathay Pacific staffs to provide more detailed services to their customers.

【Usage scene】
- Passenger, Maintenance and Cargo sectors shares necessary information within each sector in a timely manner.
- In addition to information sharing among staffs, information such as flight status is shared in real time.
- Group calls in passenger terminals, ramp areas, and off-airport locations.

【About accessories】
In field sites of deskless workers, even for the same company, the optimal accessories would differ depending on the usage scene. Science Arts has multiple accessory lineups to suit customers, and Cathay Pacific has also adopted three types of different microphones. Each microphone is tuned and delivers crystal clear voice and sound.

✓Passenger: Bluetooth Earphone Mic with Function Button “MKI-P3”
✓Maintenance: Bluetooth speaker microphone “AINA PTT Voice Responder”
✓Cargo: PTT Dedicated Noise-canceling Microphone “MKI-P5”

Cathay Pacific plans to introduce Buddycom to Central Japan International Airport in the future. On the other hand, Science Arts will continue to increase accomplishments in the aviation industry and will promote on-site DX with the aim of providing a safe and comfortable working environment for deskless workers by Buddycom.

"Buddycom", which is a live communication platform connecting deskless workers, is the service that enables simultaneous communication with multiple people as a transceiver or walkie-talkie, using the Internet connection (4G, 5G, Wi-Fi), by installing an application on a smartphone or tablet.
In addition to voice, text, video and location information (IoT), communication with a digital assistant using AI is possible.
In actual use, it is used as communication in various industries such as aviation, railroad, construction, welfare facility and distribution.

■ About Cathay Pacific
Cathay Pacific is the home airline of Hong Kong, offering scheduled passenger and cargo services to destinations throughout Asia, North America, Australia, Europe and Africa. The company is a member of the Swire group and is a public company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Cathay Pacific has made substantial investments to develop Hong Kong as one of the world’s leading global transportation hubs. Cathay Pacific is a founding member of the oneworld global alliance and earned a coveted spot in both the Condé Nast Traveler 2022 Reader’s Choice Awards and Travel+Leisure 2022 “World’s Best Awards” for best international airlines.

■ About Science Arts, Inc.
Science Arts, Inc. has a mission of “to connect people around the world gracefully” and provides a live communication platform "Buddycom" that connects deskless workers.
"Buddycom" has already been used at the field sites of more than 600 companies and, is a horizontal x SaaS application that enables new-type team communication at mission-critical field sites in every industry and business by utilizing not only voice but also text, images, videos, location information and AI, etc.

■ Contact information
Company name: Science Arts, Inc.
Address: Ozawa Bld. 7F, 4-1-1 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 162-0825, Japan
CEO: Hidekazu Hiraoka
Capital: 50 million yen
Established: September 2003
Public relations contact: pr@science-arts.com

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