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Co-development of the Industry’s First ‘Voice-activated Sound Sensor Package’

On November 29, Science Arts and Sintokogio, LTD. will begin selling their jointly developed ‘Voice-activated Sound Sensor Package’ for manufacturing plants.

This package directly connects machines and people in real time by combining C-BOX, a centralized information management system for equipment and various sensors at manufacturing sites, sold by Sintokogio, and Buddycom, a live communication platform developed and sold by Science Arts.

With this service, in the event that a device malfunction or shutdown occurs, the information from each sensor is converted into text, which Buddycom can then transmit in real time as voice data to the designated deskless workers.

In many manufacturing environments, such as automotive, electronics, and food plants, where immediate decisions are required in response to operating conditions, communication among deskless workers is essential. Typically, warning tones, signal lights, and collective monitors throughout the plant share information about the operating status of these manufacturing sites.
When an issue arose, whoever discovered it called or emailed a supervisor, then a maintenance supervisor. However, with ever-changing manufacturing sites, this method creates a time lag between confirming, sharing, and acting on information.

Focusing on this point, Science Arts and Sintokogio have proposed a system that can respond to problems immediately by sending a simultaneous voice message of operating status to all parties involved, delivering the information directly to the ears of deskless workers through devices such as headphones. Real-time machine-to-people as well as hands-free connectivity for deskless workers reduces the work involved in sharing information and helps accomplish the various tasks that need to be done on the shop floor.

About the Voice-activated Sound Sensor Package

Science Arts’ Buddycom is increasingly being used in aviation, railway, retail and care facilities where the majority of employees are on-site as a live communication tool to connect people. We are also continuing to expand it as a live communication platform, enabling people and things (such as sensors and machines) to communicate.

By connecting machines and people, Sintokogio and Science Arts will contribute to the stable operation of production sites.

■ About C-BOX
C-BOX is a system for monitoring and visualizing equipment and human activity that allows you to freely combine wireless sensors from different manufacturers. It is also easy to implement batch control of equipment. Whether in a factory or an office, IoT connectivity devices and sensors can be deployed at low cost.

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