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IP Walkie-Talkie App Buddycom Translates at Job Fair for Ukrainian Refugees in Yokohama

Buddycom, provided by Science Arts, Inc., was used as a translation tool in an information session to Ukrainian residents at the "2nd Ukrainian Refugee Employment and Employability Initiative" held by Hello Work Yokohama and the City of Yokohama.

Scene in which the presenter is talking on Buddycom (by means of a special Bluetooth microphone)

Buddycom is basically a smartphone application that is used as a communication tool for various industries, from the infrastructure industry to the service industry, as an IP walkie-talkie and intercom system.
Buddycom's translation service was used at the 2nd Job Fair for Refugees from Ukraine. The event took place on Thursday, July 28, 2022 from 10:00 to 12:00 at the Exchange Café “Drúzi” .
53 groups of 86 people fled Ukraine to Yokohama City, many of whom were interested in finding work.

This has been made possible thanks to Nojima Corporation, which proposed the Ukrainian language support to Buddycom and who is working on Ukrainian assistance through the “All Yokohama Support Package” of the city of Yokohama.
Click here to read the press release about Nojima, NTT East, and what we're trying to accomplish.

At the employment assistance seminar, the moderator and company representative used Buddycom to explain in Japanese, and a machine-generated voice automatically translated into Ukrainian and was, at the same time, played over the loudspeakers so that all the Ukrainian participants could hear it in Ukrainian. A total of 9 companies, including hotels, manufacturing, and food services, attended the employment training session and explained the employment opportunities through Buddycom.
The content of the Japanese-Ukrainian translation was mostly accurate, according to the Ukrainian counterpart.

Buddycom iPad chat (translation) screen

(Yokohama City Press Release) Outline of the Seminar on Supporting Employment for Ukrainians

About Buddycom's Ukrainian Translations

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