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Using Buddycom's Translation Feature, Nojima Corporation Provides Ukrainian Refugees Assistance to Those Who Seek Employment.

Working with NTT East Corporation Kanagawa Division, Nojima Corporation proposed and implemented adding Ukrainian to the transceiver translating function of ""Buddycom"" provided by Science Arts.Buddycom, an upgradable intercom tool, is also sold by NTT East as a distribution partner. This application allows people of different native languages to make group calls in their own language with its built-in translation function.

At the same time, Nojima has been engaged in efforts to support Ukraine.

[Nojima's Efforts to Support Ukraine]
・Nojima Corporation is the first Japanese company to donate 100 million yen for refugees. Contributions are still being accepted at all Nojima stores and online.
・Assisting Ukraine’s participation in the ‘Yokohama Assistance Program’, led by the City of Yokohama.
※NTT East cooperates in the introduction fixed-line telecommunications

For future support, Nojima suggested Buddycom's Ukrainian language support to Science Arts through NTT East, to provide a working environment that transcends language barriers for Ukrainians who want to work in Japan.

Science Arts, whose goal is to realize on-site DX for deskless workers with Buddycom, shares the same vision and philosophy as Nojima and NTT East and immediately began development. The result of these efforts is the early implementation of the Ukrainian language support.

Nojima will consider employing Ukrainian refugees at its product centers and other locations.
Nojima, NTT East, and Science Arts will continue to work together on the promotion of Buddycom so that it can spread and be of help to refugees.

[※Buddycom's Transceiver Translation Function]
In addition to voice, video, and location (IoT), Buddycom, a live communication platform that connects deskless workers, enables communication via AI-based digital assistants.
The transceiver's translation function translates what you are saying into the language of the person you are talking to and delivers it to them in both spoken and written form.
For example, if someone speaks in Japanese on Buddycom, the person you are talking to will hear an automated voice*3 in Ukrainian with translated text, and if this person replies in Ukrainian, it will automatically be transmitted in Japanese with automated voice and text.
There are currently 18 languages supported, including Ukrainian.

※Ukrainian auto-reading is supported on Android devices only.

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