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Sagami Railway and Central Security Patrols Combine AI Image Analysis Technology and Buddycom Intercom for Cross-Company and Cross-Affiliate Collaboration

We are pleased to announce that Buddycom, developed and provided by Science Arts Inc., has been adopted by Sagami Railway and Central Security Patrols as a platform for information exchange by providing a ‘business-to-business communication’ function that allows different companies to create common groups and talk in real time.

Buddycom enables teams to communicate in real time, using 4G, 5G, and Wi-Fi Internet communications to provide push-to-talk voice and video, so you can talk as if you were right next to someone. The ‘inter-company communication’ function allows Buddycom users from different departments, companies, and suppliers to join a common group, so that all the deskless workers involved in the field can work together to share information in real time.

<Sagami Railway and Central Security Patrols Combine AI Image Analysis Technology and Business-to-Business Communications to Support Customers in Real Time>
In some of its stations, Sagami Railway Co., Ltd. has installed a surveillance camera system which uses the VACS system provided by Central Security Patrols Co., Ltd.
Buddycom was adopted as a means for the CSP monitors to visually confirm the information about customers using white canes and wheelchairs that was detected by the system, and to instantly transmit this information from the CSP center to the Sagami Railway station staff at the station. A Station attendant, who has been notified, will go to the customer’s location and provide assistance. Each of the two companies has subscribed to Buddycom, and information is shared within the respective groups. According to a station staff, at a location where a few seconds of delayed information could mean lost support time, Buddycom is a great solution, providing voice information with no phone or chat interaction required.

<Used in Japan’s Complex Infrastructure and Railway Industries, Where Time is of the Essence>
These include station personnel, train personnel, control center personnel, security personnel patrolling stations and bullet train stations, maintenance personnel inspecting and servicing vehicles, clerical personnel working at headquarters and branches, and auxiliary personnel working during the holidays and major events. In the railway industry, where various organizations and companies work together to support Japan’s infrastructure, Buddycom’s business-to-business communications are also used. Buddycom on smartphones, tablets, and PCs in each organization can help them be prepared for the unexpected, anytime, anywhere.

A railway company uses inter-company communications to link Buddycom for office staff and station agents in advance so that in case of an emergency, the office staff can join the station group when they go to the station to assist.
Information can be shared in real time during the response, and even after the response team arrives on the scene, the response can be carried out without any communication breakdowns.This is a feature that can be applied in the future to situations where immediate communication is required, e.g. crew - command staff - station officers - security personnel.

As with traditional group calls, all business-to-business communications are encrypted with SSL/TLS, eliminating eavesdropping concerns. Buddycom envisions a future in which all employees involved in business operations can collaborate on information as needed across the organizational boundaries to which they belong.

Movie of Inter-Company Communication:https://youtu.be/yR0dPG_z8xw

<Other Examples of Inter-Company Communication>
For construction sites: Connecting vendors, material providers and drivers.
For event management: Connecting organizers and managing companies with presenters, information staff, and security.
For airport: ground crews, aircraft maintainers, airport facilities personnel, and security firms are all linked.

Inter-company communication is available to all Buddycom users for all types of workplaces.
In the future, our focus will be on listening to our customers and delivering innovation across all industries and sectors

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