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"Japan Rugby League One 2022" RICOH BlackRamsTokyo to use Buddycom to Share Information Between Management and Partner Companies

:description: Science Arts, Inc. is pleased to announce that Buddycom is now in use at the Japan Rugby League One 2022 as a voice communication tool for RICOH BlackRamsTokyo management and partners.

・ Buddycom is an application designed to improve phone calls and chats in the field. It can be used in place of walkie-talkie, transceivers and intercoms.
・ RICOH BlackRamsTokyo selects Buddycom as a data link tool to manage hosting of rugby matches
・ No more complex IDs and passwords required with 'Easy Login.'

In the past, RICOH BlackRamsTokyo had used radio transceivers to share information with the competition management, however, due to cost, the number of employees who could use the transceivers was limited and the employees who needed to be contacted had to find the person they needed to send the information to.

RICOH BlackRamsTokyo solved this issue by using Buddycom, a smartphone that acts as an intercom system already in place, for smooth communication between management and partner company staff at a large game site. As a result, in addition to the cost aspect, when there are any unclear points in the on-site response or customer response, it is possible to immediately check with someone else, which leads to a reduction in stress for both staff and customers.

[The Easy Login Eliminates the Need for User IDs and Passwords]
Partner cooperation is also essential at venues, and RICOH BlackRamsTokyo has provided Buddycom accounts to its partners. Normally, Buddycom staff must assign an ID and password to log in every time a match takes place, but distributing the URL generated from the ‘easy login’ feature, valid only for that day, to staff allows them to log in with a tap.
In addition to rugby, field sports such as baseball, soccer, skiing, snowboarding, cycling, and marathons can all benefit from Buddycom’s competition and event management solutions.

Regardless of the industry or sector, Buddycom is used by many customers as a horizontal service.
By listening to our customers and providing vertical development solutions that meet each location’s needs, we will continue to drive on-site DX across all industries.

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