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LINE WORKS and Buddycom Work Together to Combine Seamless Text/Voice On-site Communication.

Science Arts, Inc., the provider of Buddycom, and Works Mobile Japan Corp., Ltd., the provider of LINE WORKS, will join forces.

With this intergration, text entered on the LINE WORKS talk screen can be shared as voice on Buddycom and voice spoken on Buddycom can be shared as text on the LINE WORKS talk screen. This eliminates the need to switch between the two applications, allowing for site-appropriate communication. Through the combination of text and voice, the system will further improve the efficiency of communication in ‘hands-on’ environments such as manufacturing, construction, wholesale, retail, and welfare and nursing care industries.

Possibilities of Working with LINE WORKS and Buddycom (as of June 2021)

1) Voice to Text
Your voice spoken on Buddycom is converted to text and displayed on LINE WORKS the talk screen.
2) Text to Voice
Buddycom automatically converts text typed on LINE WORKS to speech and reads it aloud (text is also displayed on the Buddycom chat screen).
3) Text to Text
Text entered into Buddycom chat is shared as text on the LINE WORKS talk screen.
4) Downloading data
It is possible to download texts exchanged between Buddycom and LINE WORKS as CSV files.
5) Language Translation
Users can have Japanese text sent via LINE WORKS conversation translated into their desired language*1 if they have logged into Buddycom with a language setting other than Japanese.

※1. Languages available for translation: [Microsoft Translate, Google Translate]
Japanese, English, Chinese, Thai, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Finnish, Dutch, Polish (14 languages)

Japanese, English, Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Polish (11 languages)

Future Implementation Plans
・Share pictures and videos sent via Buddycom with LINE WORKS
・Share pictures and videos sent by ""LINE WORK"" to ""Buddycom
・Send Buddycom voice files to LINE WORKS
※Voice is currently in text-to-speech conversion and sharing

It is a business chat service with a full range of groupware features that can be used on-site. These include not only chat and stamps, but also bulletin boards, calendars, address books, surveys, and more. It is uniquely designed and offered as a work tool that is as easy to use just like the “LINE” communication application. Most functions can be used on smartphones alone, in addition to PCs and tablets. This is the reason why the system is used not only in the office, but also in manufacturing plants, stores and other locations.
In the “Software Business New Market 2020 Edition” * released in September 2020, the company won the No. 1 share of the paid business chat market in Japan for the third year in a row.
※Source: Fuji Chimera Research Institute, Inc, “Software Business New Market 2020 Issue.

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