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Business Alliance between NTT East Corp. and Science Arts, Inc.

Nippon Telegraph & Telephone East Corp. and Science Arts, Inc. have teamed up to contribute to the development of communication styles and solve all kinds of management problems through on-site solutions using Buddycom, a forward-looking team communication service.

※Buddycom is a team communication application that facilitates field work provided by Science Arts, Inc. It allows for simultaneous conversations like a wireless or a transceiver. Team communication is possible using voice, movies, location information devices such as GPS and AI on smartphones and tablets. It has a versatile installation track record in the intercom market with multiple features such as speech-to-text processing and radio transceiver translation.

1. Background and Objectives
Due to labor shortages caused by shrinking workforces and the spread of the novel coronavirus, companies have dramatically changed their work practices, requiring DX initiatives to improve on-site productivity, such as efficient ICT-based contactless communication.
While chat applications, web conferencing tools, and other DX-oriented tools are widely used in office operations, there are few DX-oriented tools available for industries that require on-site communication, such as healthcare, nursing, retail, manufacturing, and construction tools.
Against this backdrop, NTT East, which promotes solutions to regional issues through ICT solutions, and Buddycom, which is provided by Science Arts and has application development capabilities based on its advanced technology, have joined forces to accelerate DX in the field.

2. Future Initiatives
The two companies will oversee joint marketing activities to promote the ‘DX-ization’ of construction sites by leveraging the commercial products and sales resources of both companies to develop and deliver best-in-class solutions for ‘construction sites’ in all types of industries. In the future, both companies will be at the forefront of various innovations by leveraging their respective platforms.

3. Roles of each company
NTT East Japan
- Propose and sell industry-specific solutions using ICT services, peripherals, ""Buddycom"", and more (including partner companies)
- Collection of feedback for needs in the field for the above-mentioned.

Science Arts
- Buddycom (including peripherals)
- Develop new Buddycom features based on industry-specific in-the-field needs
- Implementation of joint sales with NTT East

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