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Buddycom and Box, the Leading Cloud Content Management Company, Collaborate at the Heart of DX, with AI Assistants Using and Powered by Box Data.
Science Arts, Inc. is pleased to announce a partnership between Buddycom and Box, the leading provider of cloud content management.

In addition to AI-powered digital assistants, Buddycom offers voice, live video, and location-based team communications. Users in the field can now access audio, text, images, and automatically save data such as video to Box through the integration with Box.

Because data is stored in Box, not on devices, users can use Box as a content base and centrally manage data in the field. The cooperation between Buddycom and Box is expected to have multiple impacts, such as business value creation and realization of diverse work styles, as the foundation at the center of field DX.

In the future, the two companies will also work together using Buddycom’s AI-powered digital assistant capabilities, where AI will participate in conversations between people and recommend data in Box based on what is being discussed.

Click here for a video (YouTube) of the collaboration with Box. ↓

We would like to thank Box Japan Co., Ltd. for helping us make this happen.
Welcome to Buddycom, a futuristic team communication service that is integrated with Box. As the pace of digital transformation (DX) accelerates, team communications that bring people together will be critical, and we expect Buddycom to lead the way in this area. We will continue to promote DX in Japan and foster cooperation between the two companies.

Box Japan Co., Ltd.
Representative Director, President and CEO

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