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Buddycom Integrates Scandit's Barcode Scanning Capabilities.New Proposal for Retail, Manufacturing, Transportation, and Logistics Industries to Utilize Field Data.
Science Arts, Inc. (Location: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Hidekazu Hiraoka) is pleased to announce that Buddycom, a futuristic team communication service, has integrated Scandit Barcode Scanner, provided by Scandit AG (Headquarters: Zurich, Switzerland, CEO: Samuel Mueller), a mobile computer vision-based barcode scanning service.

Buddycom is pleased to announce that Scandit Barcode Scanner, provided by Scandit, is now available on the Buddycom app | installed on iPhone, iPad using our unique barcode reader feature. Scandit Barcode Scanner allows you to read barcodes with amazing accuracy using the camera on your iPhone, iPad instead of a dedicated and expensive barcode scanner.

【Buddycom and Scandit in one app】
All you have to do is register your Scandit account with your Buddycom management console and you can use the Scandit Barcode Scanner in your Buddycom app. This will allow customers to use the Scandit Barcode Scanner on Buddycom without having to use separate apps for Buddycom and Scandit, while realizing the new form of team communication that Buddycom offers.

【Multiple barcode reading is possible with the high-resolution camera of iPhone, iPad.】
Furthermore, by using the high-resolution camera in iPhone, iPad, it is possible to read multiple small barcodes taken from a distance at once.

【This technology allows you to specify the barcode of the product you are looking for and search for it among multiple barcodes captured by the camera on your iPhone, iPad.】
Using this technology, you can specify the barcode of the product you are looking for and search for it among the multiple barcodes captured by the camera on your iPhone, iPad. Once a barcode has been scanned on Buddycom, it is saved as text on the server, just like other audio data.

Especially in the retail, manufacturing, transportation, and logistics industries, reading barcodes is an essential task, and Buddycom is already being used by many customers as a team communication tool in the field.
By combining Buddycom's team communication and Scandit's barcode scanning functions into one app, we are able to offer these industries a new way to streamline their operations and utilize field data.

Scandit AG has announced that at the end of November 2020, it will establish a Japanese subsidiary, Scandit G.K. (Location: Shibuya, Tokyo, Representative: Samuel Mueller), to expand sales in the Japanese market. In addition, both Buddycom and Scandit are Apple Mobility Partner, which has led to this collaboration on iPhone, iPad.

※ Apple, iPhone and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other

◇What is Buddycom?
Buddycom is a “future-type team communication cloud service that changes the way people work in the field”.
In addition to voice, video and location information (IoT), communication with a digital assistant using AI is possible.
In actual use, it is used as communication in various industries such as aviation, railroad, construction, distribution.
It is also used as a means of emergency contact (BCP) for disasters. The main features are as follows.

● Marketplace (Speech to text, automatic translation communication, etc.)
● Promote partner ecosystem in various industries
● 24/7 mission critical use
● Disaster recovery configuration with globally distributed servers
● Operation support (SAML authentication, batch management of application settings)
● Supports team communication between companies (voice sharing, speech-to-text, live video, etc.)
● Acquisition of audit log

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