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Science Arts, Inc., provider of Buddycom, Announces its Official Partnership with Rugby Top Leaguer RICOH BlackRams. ~Logo on the back of official jerseys~

Science Arts, Inc., the provider of Buddycom, is pleased to announce its official partnership agreement with BlackRams, Japan’s top rugby league team, starting in February 2021. The company will work together to achieve a sustainable society where everyone can live in peace and prosperity, in addition to supporting the RICOH BlackRams’ efforts to achieve the SDGs through rugby.

Established in 1953, the RICOH BlackRams is a prestigious team that has contributed to the spread and development of rugby in Japan since its inception. The team has been a member of the top league for all but one season since its inception in 2003 and has produced many Japanese national team players, in addition to winning two consecutive Japanese championships in 1972 and 1973.

RICOH BlackRams support the achievement of the SDGs*, with a mission to ‘be a team that brings energy and inspiration to companies and the community through rugby’. The team also embraces the concept of ‘Social Contribution’: players participate as guest teachers at elementary schools in Setagaya Ward, take part in community events, and hold interactive rugby classes across the country.

Meanwhile, Science Arts wants to support those who agree with, and are working to achieve the SDGs, with a mission to ‘connect people around the world gracefully’. Besides the daily support of mission-critical sites, Buddycom also contributes to society by maintaining smooth communication during emergencies, such as disasters or corona virus infections, and to ensure social distance.

Science Arts has decided to support the activities of RICOH BlackRams both on and off the field because their mission and concept are consistent with the company’s philosophy of contributing to society by “connecting people around the world gracefully”.
Science Arts and the RICOH BlackRams will continue to support those who are committed to the achievement of the SDGs, and will work towards the realization of a sustainable, secure, and prosperous society in which all people can live in peace.

※ SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are goals set by 193 UN member states to be achieved over 15 years, from 2016 to 2030, and adopted at a UN summit in September 2015.

Comments by Hisato Suzuki, Director, RICOH BlackRams
We are pleased to announce our official sponsoring agreement with Science Arts, Inc.
We will cooperate by integrating Buddyom in our rugby activities as well as our social contribution activities. We will strive to improve the effectiveness of operations, promote Buddycom through the Ricoh Group, and contribute to society and the economy.

Commentary by Shuichi Hiraoka, President of Science Arts, Inc.
We provide Buddycom with a mission to connect people around the world gracefully. Through Buddycom, we have promoted social contribution activities such as supporting medical institutions’ response to the novel coronavirus and regional disaster drills. All of our employees are united in their support for the RICOH BlackRams, and we are pleased to be able to support their community outreach activities through rugby.

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