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Buddycom Supports the Way Foreign Workers Work with the Industry's First Real-time Voice Translation Using DeepL
In addition to the Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure translation engines used for transceiver translation functions, Buddycom provided by Science Arts, Inc. has added DeepL, a machine translation service. DeepL is the industry’s first real-time, two-way audio translator, making it easier for teams to communicate with foreign workers on site.

Buddycom is used in many fields as a communication tool for team conferencing while holding down the PTT ※1 (push-to-talk) button on the application screen or using peripherals such as microphone speakers.
Buddycom is also equipped with a Transceiver Translation function※2 to facilitate communication with foreign workers, enabling real-time two-way translation for an unlimited number of people.
This improves productivity and operational efficiency by enabling smooth communication even at sites with large numbers of foreign workers.

In the past, Buddycom used Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure translation engines, but by integrating the API of DeepL, an AI translation service, into Buddycom, customers now have three different translation engines to choose from.

It supports all DeepL languages and is able to translate into 11 languages: English, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Dutch and Polish.
It is also possible to read out the translation results received by Buddycom. These can be replayed and checked at any time, thus reducing errors in the field.

Transceiver Translation is very easy to use.
All you need to do is speak on your smartphone with Buddycom installed and it will automatically translate into the preferred language of the recipient. There is no need for a translator or interpreter.
For example, even if a foreign worker working in a restaurant or factory does not speak Japanese, he or she can easily translate.
Of course, translation is not only possible from and to Japanese, but also from foreign-to-foreign languages, so there is no problem even in situations where there are multinational employees.

Buddycom will continue to work with various systems to improve field worker efficiency so people around the world can work seamlessly without boundaries.

[New Languages Available for DeepL Translation]
German, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Dutch, Polish

[Language Included in Buddycom but not Implemented in DeepL]
Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, Indonesian, Finnish

[DeepL Integration Release Date]
July 17, 2020

※1: A method of communication that allows you to talk while the PTT (push to talk) button is being pressed. You can broadcast in the same way that you would use a transceiver.
※2: Transceiver Translation is a feature of Buddycom that translates the voice of a call into a set language and reads the translated text out loud. (Each group member can set the language.) National patent pending, PCT international application pending.

◾ What is DeepL
Developed using state-of-the-art neural network technology, DeepL Translation is a high-performance machine translation system. Recognized for its ability to deliver translation quality superior to Amazon and Google, the service, previously available only in Europe, will be available in North America on May 4, 2020, and in Japan on June 16, 2020.

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