News release
Buddycom, St. Marianna University Hospital and other medical institutions continue to meet the COVID-19 challenge.

Following the announcement of its support for medical institutions, Science Arts, Inc. has been using "Buddycom" at the St. Marianna University Hospital and other institutions. The free Buddycom app is our way to continue to support all health workers that fight for society and avoid the three densely populated regions.

On April 8, 2020, the Company announced that it will make Buddycom available free of charge to 1,000 medical facilities fighting the novel coronavirus. Since then, we have received inquiries from many medical institutions and local governments, including St. Marianna University School of Medicine. Buddycom is actually being used in the field to fight new type of coronaviruses.

We will continue to provide Buddycom free of charge to medical institutions and local governments, even though the emergency declaration for the prevention of the new coronavirus was lifted on May 25.
Our hearts go out to the patients who are still suffering from COVID-19. We also pay tribute to the medical workers who are on the front lines of the battle and pray that the corona crisis will swiftly be under control.

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