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Futuristic team communication "Buddycom" builds partner ecosystem on iOS and expands globally
Buddycom, a cloud service futuristic team communication provided by Science Arts Co., Ltd. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President Hidekazu Hiraoka), is a team that uses voice, live video, and location information (IoT) We provide communication and digital assistant services using AI.
In the future, we will provide future-type team communication using iOS ※1, such as communication using AR, livecast in 4K, and teleexistence.
In addition, we will build an ecosystem with iOS mobility partners in Japan and overseas, and provide futuristic team communication using voice and video in various industries.

Science Arts, Inc. has become Apple's new mobility partner for the deployment of Buddycom.
Buddycom is used by many occupations in all industries, like railway companies, airlines, GMS, manufacturing companies to financial institutions.
As a mobility partner of Apple, Buddycom is the first system in Japan to be deployed in all industries and globally and We will accelerate the expansion of services.

We also plan to work with Apple's mobility partners, domestic and overseas.
Utilize data that is shared and accumulated between Buddycom users, build an ecosystem including collaboration with other mobility partners, and create a new future that meets customer needs, such as creating new innovations and improving services.

Buddycom uses the latest technology from time to time, allowing users to quickly experience the unique features of iOS and iPadOS.
Buddycom uses the latest technology from time to time, allowing users to quickly experience the unique features of iOS and iPadOS.
Recently, it also supports the Landscape mode ※2, Split View ※3m, and Dark mode ※4 implemented on iPadOS, which can contribute to further improvement of user's work efficiency.

※1 Apple, iPad and iOS are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.
※2 Landscape mode: The screen is displayed horizontally when the iPad is turned horizontally.
※3 Split View: Splits the screen into left and right sides and displays different information on the left and right.
※4 Dark mode: Displayed on a black tone screen.

◇What is Buddycom?
Buddycom is a “future-type team communication cloud service that changes the way people work in the field”.
In addition to voice, video and location information (IoT), communication with a digital assistant using AI is possible.
In actual use, it is used as communication in various industries such as aviation, railroad, construction, distribution.
It is also used as a means of emergency contact (BCP) for disasters. The main features are as follows.

● Marketplace (Speech to text, automatic translation communication, etc.)
● Promote partner ecosystem in various industries
● 24/7 mission critical use
● Disaster recovery configuration with globally distributed servers
● Operation support (SAML authentication, batch management of application settings)
● Supports team communication between companies (voice sharing, speech-to-text, live video, etc.)
● Acquisition of audit log

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