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Buddycom’s LIVE Video and Voice Streamline Workplace Communication Workplace-oriented,Business Improvement to Reform the Way People Work

Science Arts, Inc. has developed and released its own ‘Buddycom Livecast’ feature that enhances operational efficiency through information sharing via real-time video and voice transmission within a group using a smartphone or tablet.We are pleased to announce that we have been the recipient of a national patent application. ※1, as well as an international PCT patent.

Despite the enactment of the Workplace Reform Law in April 2019, its implementation is more difficult for smaller companies. Furthermore, there are a number of issues with the formal work-style reform that have been a source of frustration on the ground.
When using Buddycom’s new Livecast feature, it is possible to have a PTT (Push-to-Talk)*2 conversation while transmitting in the ‘moment’ to a group working in the field via video. It enables the realization of work-style reforms that improve the quality of business communication, reduce working time, and increase work productivity per employee and satisfaction with the work environment.

Buddycom’s Livecast feature is already being used in the steel industry and other complex facilities, and customers have commented they are able to ‘pass on skills from senior technicians while getting real-time explanation on video when reviewing a specialized technique’. Also ‘previously sending images while discussing over the phone, they are now able to interact as they are viewing the images.’
In addition to smooth, stress-free video distribution and clear, professional-quality audio, distributed videos and audios are stored in the cloud for later playback.
Buddycom will continue to solve problems in the field along with the current audio-to-text and translation features.

In the future, Buddycom will be integrated with wearable cameras and other peripherals for hands-free video communication that are non-intrusive during business operations.
In addition, to further improve field work, we will build an ecosystem with domestic and international partners to solve complex problems, increase affinity for implementation, and propose solutions for various industries and business sectors.

※1 Registered Patent in Japan. Patent No. 6407461.
※2 PTT(push-to-talk) A communication method which enables you to talk by pressing a button. Simultaneous transmission is possible, similar to using a transceiver.

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