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[Buddycom and Slack are Now Teaming up] Conversations Become Shared in Slack, Enhancing Team Workflow

Science Arts, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of Buddycom's integration with Slack, a business collaboration hub.

Buddycom further enhances and streamlines on-the-go business communications by allowing users to share their conversations in real-time text to a Slack channel by pressing the PTT (push-to-talk) button in the app or using a peripheral such as a speaker microphone.

◆ Buddycom Voice Content Can be Shared Via Slack.
In the past, internal company communications on Slack were time-consuming for people in the field, and some people were not able to use their smartphones during work hours.
Through this collaboration, spoken words on Buddycom and speaker microphones are converted to text in Slack in real time to share information in the channel.
This increases operational efficiency and productivity by allowing field workers to make better use of the time they would otherwise spend on tedious text-based communications.

◆ In the Future, Sharing Text Typed in Slack With Buddycom Will Also be Possible.
In the future, we will enable text-to-speech sharing from Buddycom, as well as information sharing from Slack to Buddycom.
Text typed in Slack will be shared as text on Buddycom's chat screen. Images will also be shared from Slack to Buddycom, expanding the scope of communication.

◆ [The Opportunities Created by Integrating Buddycom and Slack]
・Sharing Buddycom conversations in text form on Slack.
・Sharing typed text from Buddycom with Slack

◆ Future Possibilities
・Share pictures from Buddycom on Slack
・Share typed text in Slack with Buddycom
・Share images sent via Slack to Buddycom
・Download Buddycom's CSV and Slack text data

About Slack
Slack is a business collaboration hub that maximizes team productivity and enables open, fast communication across organizations. From Fortune 100 companies to entrepreneurial ventures, organizations worldwide are using this software to create a better working experience. Headquartered in San Francisco with offices in 13 cities around the world, Slack Technologies, the company that created Slack, is a global company for which mission is to “simplify your business life, make it more comfortable, and more meaningful”.

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