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Responding to ever-increasing demand from overseas For global expansion, Buddycom, a walkie talkie app, has been released in English.
Science Arts Co., Ltd. (located in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Hidekazu Hiraoka) has been developing its own IP wireless communication service "Buddycom" in order to respond to the ever-increasing demand from overseas and fully expand its global operations. English version application and WEB site are released.

Under the philosophy of "Science Arts Inc. to connect people around the world gracefully", we have provided "Buddycom" as a platform service centered on voice calls that can be replaced with wireless devices and transceivers.
Buddycom is used in a variety of industries, including railways, airlines, distribution, and nursing care, and is an indispensable tool for improving operational efficiency and supporting work style reforms.
There is a great need from Southeast Asian and US companies, and we have released an English-language app and an English-language website to make it more convenient to use.

The English version of the Buddycom app can use the same functions as the Japanese version.
Buddycom has already been used in Malaysia, Thailand, Finland, and other countries, and customers have received comments such as "I was able to communicate without delay" and "I did not need an interpreter for transceiver translation."

◇What is Buddycom?
This is a smartphone IP communication service that enables one-to-many real-time voice information sharing based on the concept of “changing the site”.
As a business communication platform for aviation, railway, construction, distribution stores, etc., it operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, both indoors and outdoors, large-scale users who simultaneously contact thousands of people, It is used on site where instructions are required.

● Start using Buddycom simply by installing the app on your smartphone
● Available for Android / iPhone / Tablet.
● Cooperates with peripheral devices such as speaker microphones and allows hands-free calls without touching smartphones
● Currently, a function to change the conventional voice communication is under development.
 ・ Use AI for communication and support the site with automatic response of AI assistant
 ・ Link with IoT data such as location information
 ・ Store call data and text data on a server, and analyze big data. In the future, we will aim to be a platform that connects people gracefully with digitalization in the world.

■ Free trial for 30 days
You can use "Buddycom" free of charge for 30 days after applying from the link below.

<Functions you can try>
・ Group call
・ Individual call
・ Overlapping Talk
・ Multiple Group Receive
・ Check location information
・ Play call history
・ Chat
・ Data retention period 24 hours
・ Forced start
・ Speech to Text*
・ Transceiver translation*
* After the trial, it is optional.

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