Monthly fee is ¥600~.
No initial cost required.
Why do not you try it for free?

You can try Buddycom for free for 30 days.
Please try and check the performance.
  • 30 day free trial
  • ¥0 initial cost
  • Online payment
  • Register in 3 mins

Easy steps

  • STEP.1 ▼

    Free registration first

  • STEP.2 ▼

    Get ID / Password

  • STEP.3 ▼

    Download Buddycom app

  • STEP.4 ▼

    Sign in to start using



Price system of Buddycom is very clear.
Initial fee and registration fee are not charged at all.

Basic charge
Paid Monthly 40%OFFPaid Annually
¥1,000/user START MONTHLY
¥600(yearly ¥7,200)/user START ANNUALLY
Period 1 month 12 monthes
Number of users UnlimitedFor more than 100 people Ask.
Number of groups Unlimited
Basic feature
  • Group talk
  • Individual talk
  • Overlapping Talk
  • Multiple Group Receive
  • Location Share
  • Play call history
  • Chat
  • Audio, text, movie data saves for 24 hours
  • Inter company communication
  • Forced activation
Opptional Paid Monthly Paid annually
Speech-to-text Licence ¥200/user ¥2,400/user
Additional Purchase License※ ¥300/30 mins
Transceiver translation ※ Licence ¥200/user ¥2,400/user
Additional Purchase License※ ¥300/9,000 characters

* Transceiver translation, a speech-to-text contract is essential.
* If the Additional purchase licence left 0, the optional function can not be used.
* Additional purchase licence is available at any time for the usage volume license.

FAQ about Pricing

  • QWhat kind of plans do you have?
    ABuddycom has a monthly payment plan and annual payment plan.
    An annual payment plan is recommended to earn a 40% profit.
  • QCan audio data be stored for 24 hours or more?
    AAudio data will be deleted after 24 hours. If you would like to extend the retention period, please contact us.
    If the preservation amount is remarkably large, we may ask you to shorten the storage period.
  • QOn the count of the Additional purchase licence of speech-to-text
    A1 Call counts for at least 15 seconds.
    For example, if you talk of 5 seconds is done three times, count for 15 seconds × 3 times = 45 seconds.
  • QWhat languages are supported for speech-to-text and Transceiver translation?
    ALanguage:Japanese, English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Indonesian, Finnish.
    Other languages will be added according to market trends.
  • QOn the count of the amount of Transceiver translation
    AIn the case of Japanese, the number of words spoken in a one minute talk is assumed to be 300 characters (9,000 characters in a 30 minute call)
    The number of characters of translation is counted by the number of characters in the language before translation.


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